Do these 5 Things if you can't Fix an IT Problem

There is no denying the fact that you may run into a variety of tech support problems every now and again. This is particularly true if you’re a business owner who doesn’t have a dedicated IT team on staff.

On the flipside, there are problems that go above and beyond your capabilities. As much as you want to solve the issue on your own, you can’t seem to find a solution. This alone is a problem in itself.

If you find yourself in this position, you should take the following steps:

  1. Make note of the impact

How is the problem impacting your company? Once you answer this question, you can decide how to move forward.

For example, if it’s a serious problem, such as a data breach, you have no time to waste.

Conversely, if the issue is minor, you may be able to search for an answer on your own before reaching out to a professional.

  1. Collect as much data as possible

You can’t solve any IT problem until you know what you’re up against. Take the time to collect as much data as possible.

If you’re the person experiencing the problem it’s much easier to collect data, dig around, and move closer to finding a solution.

  1. Get the help of your employees

This goes along with point #2 above. In addition to collecting data on your own, you shouldn’t hesitate to enlist the services of your workforce.

Is the problem impacting a particular group of employees? Can these people share information with you about when the problem occurs and what brings it on?

Don’t ignore your employees. Instead, embrace the information they share and use it to your advantage as you move closer to finding a solution.

  1. Contact an IT service provider

While this is listed as step #4, it’s something that you may need to move to the top of your list.

For instance, if you’re facing a serious security threat, don’t wait a single minute to get in touch with a professional. Every minute you wait is a minute during which the problem can grow.

Once you have an IT service provider on your side, you’ll feel better about your ability to pinpoint and solve the problem once and for all.

  1. Take steps to prevent the same in the future

Any IT problem can be extremely frustrating. This is particularly true if it’s costing your company time and money.

One of the best things you can do is take steps to prevent the same (and similar) problem from occurring in the future. An example of this is knowing the most effective ways to minimize the risk of ransomware. Not only can this information help you, but you shouldn’t hesitate to share it with your employees.

The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is definitely applicable in this situation.


As frustrating as it may be, there could come a time when you are unable to fix an IT problem. You’ve tried and tried and nothing seems to work.

In this case, you should stop beating your head against your desk and take the steps detailed above. By moving from one to the next in a timely manner, you’ll eventually realize that your problem can be solved. Once you put this in the past, it’s easier to deal with future concerns in the appropriate manner.

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