Download Bitdefender Antivirus Free APK

Often we use different antivirus for our phones, such as AVG, today I want to introduce you with a new one that will serve us for Scan, protect, control and check our Android device more simply with Bitdefender.

This application is for almost for any new Android that you get in the market and brings many new features such as power scan a malware, application audit, Web security and capacity also comes with anti theft.

Bitdefender is the app that is the best choice for many and that is why I invite you’ll from my mobile blog to present its features besides being able to download it.

Bit Defender Features:

Malware Scanner:

As a user of Google Play the app store is full of malware that gives opportunities to eventually fuck our phone. By having the app Bitdefender we can keep it protected from all these threats.

APP Audit:

This basically works before downloading anything from the store of Google play. This makes us aware before downloading any application from the store PLAY. It is first application resource audit which will examine the application and let you know if there is any threat to your device.

Web Security:

This not only helps us to find the google play from any web site or service even gives protection out there. This is very important because there is always full of weird stuff on the web.


BitDefender has its Web dashboard that lets you send SMS commands, lock, track, and clean up your Android from any Internet-connected device in case of loss or theft.

BitDefender for Android is a great app, I personally recommend that you download. This can be downloaded from Google play for only 9.95 dollars a year.


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