How To Download Contra for PC, Contra Game for Computer Windows 7/8/XP/Vista

Whenever people get time, the most usual thing they would like to attempt is to take out their device and start gaming. Playing games is the activity which you can start anywhere whether you are travelling or got stuck into traffic. Also it’s the best thing to do in pass time for which you do not need to pay. In this technological world, everyday people are looking for some new gadgets and addiction of playing games on their device is a very often thing. From the high end graphic games to the very basic games which we played in our childhood, you would get all in their hands. The developers are trying their best to make games realistic and to replace the games which people used to play in their childhood, but can they replace those games which were the most familiar to us? In my opinion, nothing can replace those games which I used to play in my childhood. If you were born in 90’s then you must be familiar with such games which were not so graphically rich but was everything for you.

If I ask did you remember that childhood game which was full of action and you need to cross each and every level to win with use of different powers and different guns, then you’re right, we are talking about the most popular game Contra. And if you are looking to remember those days, well then I have an answer for you- play Contra game on your PC.

Yes, it’s true, now you can play your favorite Contra game on your PC. And also you do not need to search anywhere as we will provide you the link to easily download the game. Here we are going to introduce gameplay for those who don’t know already about the game.

Download Contra Game for your PC (Windows XP/7/8/Vista)

Contra Gameplay

Like I said you already, the graphics of the game are not that much rich but believe me you wouldn’t miss that thing when you start playing this game. The game is entertaining and concept is very good, which not allow you to feel boredom. In this game, you are a commando and need to pass through a jungle, destroying every alien threat. Your enemies will come in your way blessed with machine guns, bombs and other arms, you just need to kill them all and move ahead. If you are able to complete a level then higher levels will come in your career with more difficulties and action. You can play this game along with your friend as there is an option available of 2-players. So, you can easily download Contra game for your PC and spend some time in old memories.

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Although the game is excellent and better experience you will get by playing it. To download game just click below the link available and install it on your PC. Whether you are using Windows XP/7/8/Vista, this game supports all operating system. So, play Contra game on your PC and share your views with us.

Download Contra for PC

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