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Are you looking for good software for your Windows based PC? Well, finding the best ones is always a hassle task, as there are many available related to all categories. If you choose right software and install them on your Windows based PC, then I guarantee that your PC experience will be at its best. So curious to know which software are must for every PC user? If yes, then it's time to cheer up, as you have landed on the right page. I am here with the list of download free software for PC. Note that the following list contains software related to all categories. So the software mentioned below do not belong to any particular category.

Avast Antivirus Free

Rest works come later, security of your PC comes first, right? If your PC is not secured from viruses, then you can't have good experience with it. The performance will be dull and sudden crashes may result in deleting your important data. So, the very first in this list about download free software for PC is the Avast Antivirus Free, which has been providing the top-notch protection from viruses from a long time, for free. By installing this software in your Windows PC, you can keep your PC clean from any infected files.

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Adobe Photoshop

Those out of you who like to edit photos, must be familiar with this amazing photo editing software. When it comes to photo-editing, there is nothing better than Adobe Photoshop. Since photo editing is a common need that you may have at anytime, therefore this software is here at the second spot in this list about download free software for PC.

Internet Download Manager

What is your major source to get new games, software, songs etc. ? For me, it's Internet, and I believe that the same is for many. If this is so with you, then you must download Internet Download Manager. This is free download manager that lets you manage downloads in an effective way and can boost the downloading speed. This download manager is highly popular, and therefore, is among on the best download free software for PC. Apart from providing downloading solution, it also lets you download YouTube videos.

VLC Media Player

A PC without songs, movies and other media in it is nothing but a boring box. Since everyone likes entertaining stuff, so you  are most likely to have a huge no.  of songs, movies in your computer. If that's so, then download VLC Media Player to run all these media files and get entertained. Being free, it shines here in this list about download free software for PC.


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