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Those out of you who are in the boredom, must start communicating with the friends. Being in touch with friends is what is the biggest medicine to disease of loneliness. If you are wondering how to be in touch with friends while being at home, then possibly you have not tried the Viber in your life ever. Don’t tell me that you are hearing this name for first time. Whether it’s so or not, you must read out this article to know about the Viber and get the download link of this software for your PC. So before I provide you the link to download Viber for PC, I would like to make you aware from it.

What is Viber and its Features?

You will find yourself interested in performing download Viber for PC Windows Vista/7/8 after reading about what this software is and what are its features. Allow me to tell you that Viber is a free VoIP application that is available for both mobile devices and Windows PC. It’s one of the few apps of its type that are available for both mobile and PC.

Talking about the feature part, there are many to list in that. The best use of this software is to make free calls over the Internet. The voice quality that you get in the Viber is simply awesome. Not only the voice calls, but you can use Viber to make free video calls too. Although there are many software to do so, but what makes the Viber best is bunch of its high-end features and quality.

Apart from voice and video call, you can communicate with your loving beings via text chat as well. The group conversations are what I like the most, because in that you can chat with multiple friends of yours at single time. The easy synchronization between mobile and PC makes the Viber even better. The most eye-popping part in Viber, that makes it stand unique in the crowd of VoIP apps is the no-registration feature. Yeah, there is no need of any registration or request. The things are ready for you instantly.

I am quite sure that after reading the features of Viber, you are interested in performing download Viber for PC or for download Viber for PC Windows Vista/7/8, right? For that, you just need to read ahead.

Download Viber for PC Windows Vista/7/8

So interested to download Viber for PC Windows Vista/7/8, or to download Viber for PC? If yes, Then all you need to do is to click the below download link. It will start the downloading right away.

Download Viber for PC Windows Vista/7/8

After you are done with the process to download Viber for PC, just install this software on your PC. Thereafter you are all ready to use it.

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