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Are you one of those many who like to stay in touch with their friends? If yes, then you are most likely to be addict of Internet and SMSes, are you? Well, SMS has been the best way of communication for past some time. You can send your thoughts, your message by just typing on your phone. This is indeed cool, but the large bills that are caused by SMSes is not so cool, right? Are you tired of paying huge bills due to SMS addiction? If this is so, then you are most likely to be unaware from the app named 'WhatsApp'. Those who are actually so, must read out the following section.

What is WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app that is available for all major mobile platforms. This app is the first of its kind and was developed in back year 2009. In just 4 years, this app has crossed all popularity graphs and has brought a big loss to the mobile telecoms. How? Well, as you know, SMS is one of the major things that people use, and thus, it is one of the major sources of earning of telecoms. Butt since the WhatsApp has come into the field, the people depending on SMS has been reducing. This is not any matter of surprise because WhatsApp lets people send free SMS. So why to pay when we can have the same service for free?

Features of WhatsApp

Before we proceed ahead in this article about 'WhatsApp Download for PC', I would like to make you aware about the features of WhatsApp. This is quite likely that you'd like to know more about WhatsApp and its features, before proceeding ahead with the 'WhatsApp download for PC'.

Like I said, WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging app, so of course, the first and major feature is that we can send text messages to our friends. Apart from just text, we can send media messages such as, can send video, audio and images. Since the app is cross-platform, so chances of your friend to have this app are quite high. Best of all, you can enjoy the WhatsApp service for free for first 12 months, and the app is free from ads.

WhatsApp Download for PC

If you think that there is any separate version of WhatsApp download for PC, then I have something discouraging for you. I There is no separate version available for PC. The idea in the WhatsApp download for PC, is to download the apk version of WhatsApp from Google Play, and then run it on PC by using a popular emulator called 'BlueStacks'. So, if you want to perform 'WhatsApp Download for PC', then you first need to download BlueStacks'. Download from below.

Download BlueStacks

After downloading it, you need to download WhatsApp Android app. Download it from below.

Download WhatsApp

Now just run this Android version of WhatsApp via BlueStacks. That's all! Simple, isn't it?

Life is near to hell without friends, right? In order to keep the sweetness in friendship, you must stay in touch with them. In this modern technological life, it has become very easy to stay in touch with anyone. All thanks to growing Internet technology with which we can chat with our friends living worldwide. It is because of the Internet that there are many amazing apps meant for mobiles and computers, that keep us connected with our friends and relatives. Talking about such apps, WhatsApp is the name that comes among top. This amazing app has been downloaded my millions of people worldwide, so far.

What is WhatsApp ?

Well, there are very low chances that you'd ask this question, but still, if you have asked so, then I must clear the cloud before moving ahead. WhatsApp is a cross platform instant messaging application available for smartphones. This app was developed in  year 2009, and in very short time span, it has grown rapidly. This app lets users send text messages and media messages to others, irrespective of their Geo-location. This app has made the SMS history. Then number of people who use SMS to stay in touch with their loving beings is reducing day by day. The wreath goes to, of course, WhatsApp. The analysts say that if the popularity of WhatsApp keep climbing the success ladder in this way, then one day, SMS will become history. All will be using WhatsApp as an alternative of SMS.

You might be surprised to know that more than billions of messages are handled by WhatsApp daily. Basically, this app is available for smartphones, buy you can download WhatsApp for PC as well. Yeah, you can have this amazing app on your PC. If you want to download WhatsApp for PC, then all you need to do is to read out the next section.

Download WhatsApp for PC

Well, before we proceed ahead with info about 'Download WhatsApp for PC', let me clear that there is no separate version available for PC. The developers have made it available for smartphones only. This is nothing less than a curse for all those people who don't own any smartphone. If you are one of them, and are sad about the unavailability of WhatsApp for PC, then the only way to  bring a happy end to your sadness is by using 'BlueStacks'.

In case you don't know, BlueStacks is the emulator to run Android apps on PC. Of course, to download WhatsApp for PC, you should download the Android version of WhatssApp. You can get it from Google Play. Once you have it, just download and install BlueStacks, and then load the just download Android version of WhatsApp. In no time, the WhatsApp will be running on your PC. This 'Download WhatsApp for PC' guide will be incomplete if I don't provide you the download links.

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