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Before I start with this article, let me ask you a simple question- which is your favorite game? Well, whatever is, the real question, do you play your favorite sport whenever you get time? What? you don’t get time ever? Very bad! I also don’t get time, therefore I like to play my favorite sports in my home. Before you get me wrong, let me clear that I play sports in game on my PC. Yeah, on the PC. All thanks to EA who has developed such a high no. of sports games so far. EA is known to make games on every sport. So it does not matter what your favorite sport is, you will find en EA game for that. I know you are now curious to get the download links for your favorite EA Sport game, right? No, you don’t need to head over to any other website for that, as I am providing you the list of EA Sports games free download here itself. Do read out the list ahead.


How many of you like football? If you do, then you must download this game on your PC. Since there are many who like football from heart, therefore this game shines here on no.1 spot in this list about EA Sports games free download.  The graphics of this game, just like other games by EA, are simply awesome. You will feel as you are really in the football ground while playing this game on your PC. Pick any team of your choice and start having match, Yeah, you can start any tournament as well. If you like football a lot, then there is no chance that you will not fall in love with this game.

EA Sports Cricket

If you like cricket and want to play this sport on your PC, then you must download this game right away. Graphics are good and you may get the feeling of actually playing the cricket game. Because of huge fan club of cricket sport, this game is one of the most downloaded games of all time. That’s why it’s here in this list about EA Sports games free download.

NBA Live

I am a big fan of basketball, and so of this game. This sport game by EA is one of the best by the company. It comes with all international teams. You can start the match by picking any team of your choice. You can play any exhibition match or can also play full tournament. You can also create customized player to have some extra fun in this game. If you are die-hard fan of Basketball, then you must not miss playing this game on your PC.

The above mentioned ones are played by me myself. All are fantastic to play. Just download them and play right away.

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