Exiting Features of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Android 4.1 Jelly bean is the latest and the fastest version in Android family. It has the best features of all android versions like easy multi tasking, advanced voice notifications, resizing of widgets, customizing the home screen and the notification system.

Using Buttery graphics and silky transitions navigating between the screens to home screens and navigation between the apps is made easier.

Google Hand Write:

This is the new app introduced to improve the performance of Google search. Using Google Hand Write we can make note of the content that we want to search. As we all know that Google is available in regional languages this app also support writing in regional languages

Google Now:

This is the latest App realized into Android market. This App gives you voice notification about your appointments in the calendar, search queries. If you search for the location in Google Now it it’ll calculate the distance, gives you current location, time that takes to travel to the destination through a voice notification.

Offline Voice Actions:

The earlier versions of Android support voice Actions only if Internet connection is available. But Offline Voice Action supports this feature even if Internet connection is not available. The things we have to do are that down load this app and install it. The major drawback is that this app can support only some command like opening on apps, call logs, messaging.

Offline Google Maps:

What would happen if you are traveling in a strange place with the help of a navigator and suddenly you lose access to your network? Jelly bean 4.1 gives answer to this Jelly bean 4.1 provides you very new and existing feature like offline Google maps with 3G network. The important thing we have to do is that we have to download some portion of required maps from the Google play store.

Easy Pairing Via Bluetooth:

Jelly bean 4.1 is giving you a very interesting and existing feature of paring on device using blue tooth with just a single tap. The exchange and sharing of data is made much easier and interesting in this version. So we can explore the world with just a single tap.

Bi-directional keyboard:

Google says that Jelly bean support Bi-directional key board i.e. either from right to left or from left to right. It is also having a facility of predicting the upcoming words in the sentence or some time part of a sentence based on the phrases given before. This is done to decrease the strain of using keyboard

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