Facebook and Instagram: A Comparative Evaluation

Facebook is regarded as the big guy in the social media marketing circuit. It has been able to successfully withstand the test of time and has the broadest user base. Facebook has completely redefined and revolutionized our attitude toward social networks and has also, expanded the role of social media in promoting businesses.

Instagram: The Current Craze?

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Instagram is the new player in the game. It is relatively the newcomer in the social networking circuit. But it has arrived with a bang and it has a great sense of timing. Currently mobile is dominating the scenario. Consumers are seen spending more and more time browsing the Internet on their phone and not that much on their desktops. Instagram took definite advantage of this trend and was launched primarily as a brilliant mobile app. Just in the same manner, as the Facebook completely invaded the social media marketing scenario with its effective data-driven approach, Instagram is dominating the social networking circuit now with its focus strictly on visuals and mobile users.

It would not be wrong to say that both Instagram and Facebook are extremely powerful in their own rights and they afford a lot of opportunities for promoting your brand by engaging with potential consumers. These two social networking sites are closely linked together as Instagram is owned by Facebook. Despite this connection, they have maintained their separate entities and are two different social networking platforms that should be approached in different ways.

Instagram is increasingly and fast becoming the top platform for marketers so that they could connect with their potential audience. Instagram seems to be enjoying minimum 60x higher engagement, as compared to its daddy Facebook.  Companies could expect a definitely higher engagement rate on Instagram with customers, as compared to, any other popular social networking sites.

Instagram and Its Community

Hashtags such as #instagrammers, #instagood, and #instadaily are effectively used for connecting the community of users, the community of curators, and amateur photographers. Unlike Facebook the Instagram community believes in conveying their interests and hobbies via visuals. Instagram is an interactive social media network that is known for effectively providing a wonderful playground for pictures. This playground, fortunately, is unobtrusive, easily accessible, warm and welcoming.

Instagram’s Popularity Due to No Clutter

Instagram was created for the modern-day users. Instagram is an intimate and an exclusively, mobile application that provides space for engagement. It is really simple and very easy to engage. Thanks to the absence or lack of advertisements there is absolutely no clutter on UI, unlike Facebook. This is the reason why the numbers of Instagram likes are going up.

Picture Is All Important for Instagram

Facebook is not solely in the business of pictures. It is predominantly information-oriented. It includes your photos, information, your activities, your resume, locations, and thoughts etc. Facebook focuses on text first and then images. Instagram places importance primarily on images and then text.

Is Instagram Going Ahead of Facebook?

According to some research findings, people generally, are not used to reacting to branded content on a semi-regular or a regular business. People often are unhappy with branded content on their Timelines and Newsfeeds.

Instagram is the inspiration behind the Snapchat and Vine providing visually-stimulating and easy-to-use environments for their communities of users. Facebook is different.  Does that mean people are not happy with Facebook? Yes, people are not completely satisfied with Facebook as of now, but would be continuing to invest for now. However, they would be most probably, intensifying their activity on Instagram.

The final verdict is that Instagram and Facebook offer two distinctive ways of telling your story. If you are a fashion designer or interior decorator, then photos can help you connect you with more customers via Instagram. On the other hand, if you own a software development company or a law firm, then Facebook is ideal for you.

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