Fast Secure Contact Form, Complete the Contact Form for WordPress

It makes little sense to have a website and not have a page dedicated to a contact form, a place where visitors can post questions or give opinions on certain aspects of the site. There are several WordPress plugins dedicated to creating a contact form.

Here is a Fast Secure Contact Form, fully configurable system that can be adjusted to the needs of each. It also offers added value because it blocks all bots that try to post spam.

The creation of a new form is simple, because the system includes all the necessary elements, adding more common fields, fields that everyone can adjust to your tastes and needs. In the Administration Panel plugin webmaster can create and preview what you have set before including it in a page, in an article or in a widget.

You can include simple forms, multipart forms, confirmation emails, without having to resort to complex templates. After a visitor fill out the form, you can be redirected to a specific URL. In order to block the spammers Fast Secure Contact Form includes CAPTCHA and Akismet support.

After downloading and installing the plugin ( Plugins -> Add New -> Search and write Fast Secure Contact Form , before clicking on the button Search plugins ), just activate it to start using it. A submenu appears inĀ  Plugins , entitled FS Contact Form Options , you take the same Administration Panel. You'll find all the functions needed to build a complete form.

You must add the shortcode [si-contact-form form='1'] in a Page, Post, or Text widget.

Many website visitors prefer to use a form to contact as they write "free hand", an e-mail. Therefore it is important to the visitors of your website to offer a choice - whether to call them preferably, an e-mail to write, send a contact form or Skype or other IM or even leave to record chat contact, your WordPress website should have all opportunities to offer.

In drawing up the relevant forms in WordPress it can support you from simple to complex, everything is possible!

It is important that the forms after sending them not only should generate an e-mail to you, even the entries should remain still stored on the web server, I have often experienced the facts that a website owner does not receive any email, due to technical problems, accidentally deleted or otherwise lost. As security precaution, always a version remains on the web server and can be accessed whenever needed!

When creating a form in WordPress, you can see very simple forms with complex variants input validation or conditional fields, i.e., only if a certain condition is true, certain fields appear.

Thus, in WordPress with the appropriate plug and programming interactive forms are produced which react directly to the input of the visitors - unneeded fields disappear immediately, others needed because some fields are displayed immediately.

Contact by over an order form, from the feedback form of a survey can thus cover all the needs in a WordPress site.

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