2017 Fastest i7 Processor from Intel

And here’s the processor giant Intel again with their new processor. It’s the season of new processor launch and Intel launched their Ivy Bridge series CPU and this new Core i7 3770K processor, which is called to be the fastest Core i7 processor of all times. The breed is completely new and the technology imposed in this processor makes it the Fastest i7 Processor.

The ancestors of this processor were costly but not so good value of money, like the exotic performer Core i7 3960X. And again, the competitor of Intel has nothing that much powerful to compete, the new AMD FX 8150 is not a worthy opponent. All these factors make Intel Core i7 3770K standing out the crowd.

The processor is still new and its success or failure everything will depend on time and its yield to replace the predecessors. And replacing the old Core i7 2700K does not seem to be a very hard job for 3770K, not in the first glance at least.

What changes has Intel brought to this processor? Physically, the change is not that much to notice. The new 22nm dimension and 3D tri gate transistors, you can’t see any of these with bare eyes. The ancestors of this Core i7 was 32nm in dimension, did this shrink in dimension allowed some more cores to be fitted in the same chip or added more clock speed? Not necessarily.

No, there is not been much changes. The processor is still four cores and the clock speed is nothing higher than 2700K, not yet. Even, this new processor doesn’t come with extra cache memories. Almost everything remains as it was.

But yes, there’s been change in the graphics processing capabilities. Intel HD 3000 has become an ‘old’ technology a ‘long’ time ago, now every processor of Intel, the Core i3 – Core i7 series comes with Intel HD 4000 graphics processing unit. How is it different from the 3000? There are four more execution units in this chip. So, that makes a total of 16 chips in one unit. The new Intel HD 4000 is fully supported by and compatible with Direct X11. And the QuickSync transcode engine gets a little bit of change.

Let’s have a look at this processor in brief –

  • Clockspeed: 3.5 GHz (3.9 GHz when turbo is activated)
  • Cores and Threads – 4 and 8 respectively
  • Cache – 8MB
  • Process – 22 nanometers
  • Socket – Intel LGA 1155

So what changes to be expected in this new Fastest i7 Processor from Intel? Intel has brought minor changes in this revision but that’s likely to bring some extraordinary performance gain. Core i7 processor itself is a beast, even a slight facelift can make it even better than ever and that’s what happened here. Yes, Intel might not have fancied increasing the clock speed a little bit, but what stops them from the 22nm transistors to rock?


This Core i7 3770K is based on second generation Ivy Bridge Architecture, and this processor is all about perfection. You get everything done, even the finest details or hardest jobs to do will be done in blink of eyes. Every single core of this processor performed above the score, above the expectation. There’s reason why this is called the Fastest i7 Processor, if you are planning for upgrade then Intel welcomes you to try out this new third generation Ivy Bridge Architectre.

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