Few Best battery Saving Apps For Your Smartphone

Smart phone has become a part of our life. As it is feeding every requirement of ours we were much addicted to carry it. What happens if it ran out of charging at the time we mostly need it? It's certainly frustrating that we are most dependent on a thing and it became useless when most required.

You can overcome this problem up to some extent if you have some apps on your phone. Some battery saving apps helps you save your battery power and make your smartphone available to you most of the time.

Few battery saving apps:

1. JuiceDefender:

Enjoying sharing your experiences online with your friends? Of course we do, after all smartphone is all about that. But this is most annoying when we realise that our 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connectivity is reducing our battery
life. Just a simple app on your smartphone increases the battery life by intelligently managing the battery draining apps.

JuiceDefender is such an app with which you can manage your 3G/4G connectivity. This app turns off the connectivity when it's not required and power is required.

2. 2x Battery

You can extend your battery life by efficiently managing cellular data connection option. You can turn on/off data option in your mobile automatically. This helps you in saving the battery life of your mobile. Turning off the data connection doesn't effect your calls or messages or Wi-Fi, but limits the internet usage.

2x Battery app helps you turn on/off your cellular data automatically. With this app in your mobile you can limit the internet connectivity. This app automatically turn off the cellular data when the transmissions are completed.

3. GreenPower

GreenPower is fully automatic app unlike other apps. This turns off blue tooth, mobile data and Wi-Fi connection automatically without any manual interaction. This best app knows our requirement and react accordingly. It turns off the connectivities (Wi-Fi, mobile data, bluetooth) when we no more need them.This is really an amazing battery savin app.

Android Booster

This is the best free app for android users. It saves the battery life by task killing. It includes a un installer that helps users to easily uninstall the unused or useless apps.

This app prompts the users to optimize the applications. When ever you open an application this app lets you know about the application and you can decide whether it is required or not. It also let's you know if Wi - Fi running or blue tooth is on. Thus, you can turn them off and save the battery.

These apps really help you are saving your battery life. In addition to these apps there are many apps such as task killer, which helps you use your mobile for most of the time.

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