Five ways to extend the battery life of your smartphone

With a smart phone in hand you can the whole world at your hand. You can know the city routes though the place is new to you, you can be acknowledge about traffic, Enjoy watching a television series online, get weather details, enjoy playing game. What not! almost everything. Though it has more than enough features we sometimes unable to use it mostly afraid of the battery life.

Many of the smartphones available in the market cannot give a good battery life. Hence confining the mobile usage we save the battery life. But, acquiring some knowledge on how to save your battery power helps you get through this problem.

Here are 5 ways to save the battery life of your smartphone:

1. Differentiate good apps from the bad ones:

Out of many available apps on the internet it is very important to identify which are good apps and which are not. Many of the apps may have bugs and errors in the programming that makes your mobile active when it should be sleeping.

Carat app that is available on both iOS and android does more than simply monitor battery use. It suggests you which app should be ditched to save your battery life. And for android users an app like JuiceDefender is worth recommending.

2. Keep the battery cool:

It may be while charging or while using, it is important to keep your battery cool. As smartphone uses Lithium Ion (Li-ion) battery ce careful that extreme temperature highly effect battery life. So try always to maintain it in temperatures between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove any protective cover or accessory while charging your mobile.

Be cautious while charging because over-charging will also contribute to an overheated phone.

3 . Use 4G connections only if needed:

Use 4G connections and other advanced services only if needed. Make sure that you turned off your Wi-Fi when you're going to be away from home or a known wireless Internet connection. Also turn off blue tooth.

Android users are enjoying running their smartphones on super-fast 4G LTE networks offered by Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Trouble is, 4G can be a real battery killer, especially if you're using it in an area of marginal coverage

4. Identify apps running in the background:

Most of the time we cannot identify the apps that are running in the background.It's easy to identify and correct this on the iOS and Android operating systems. If it is iOS, holding home button opens the running apps just holding your finger on one of the apps displays a cancel button. On cancelling, you can stop the app that was running background.

On Android, in the "Settings" screen, choose "Applications." Under the "Running Services" tab you can see the apps that are still active just simply closed them down.

5. Invest in an extra battery, booster or charger:

If you discover your smartphone seems to be running out of battery life soon than before with the operations unchanged, it could be worth investing in a spare or new battery. Be careful while choosing the battery as worse one may permanently effect the device .

If you are using smartphone like iPhone which doesn't alllow you to take your battery out, then it's better buying a battery booster. Mophie Juice Pack Air could effectively double the talk time of your iPhone 4 or 4S.

Following the above steps certainly help you save your battery life. Hope this information helps you use your smart phone more effectively than before.