Active Directory Domain Service

How To Fix Active Directory Domain Service in Windows 10

Recently I have installed windows 10 in my system. Though it is an up gradation yet I am unable to print from my printer.

It's showing an error which shows: the active directory domain services are currently unavailable…

This is not only with me. After a constant search about the issue, I found out that there are many people out there who are facing similar issues.

With office components too…

This problem is also very common when you are working with the office 2013. The printer is not at all detected even though a printer is installed. It is not that there has been no printing before, but still, the system could not detect the printer anyhow.

But when the printer is being used with the internet explorer or other browsers there is no issue. It is being easily detected.

Active Directory Domain Service

Now what to do when you face such issues?

Basically, it can be said that it can be the user permissions issue. Without this permission, the printer would not be detected in the office components.

Loads of confusion over

An instant search over the internet will make you confused. Yes, that’s true. Theirs is so many solutions given that your head will surely be gone.

So I have found a brief solution to this problem. It is brief and also an easy one. You can your self-do it at an ease.

Here are the Simple Solutions to Fix Active Directory Domain Service:

I have shared two solutions. In case you find one a bit tough, opt for the second one.

Method: 1

  1. In the keyboard of your computer, find the key having the windows logo. Press that key along with the R at the same time.
  2. This would make you open the RUN box.
  3. In the run box, you would find a typing bar. Type exact: services.msc
  4. Press enter and the service windows will open automatically
  5. Among the different options, you would find out the printer spooler service.
  6. Click the start.
  7. After you start the printer spooler, double-click on it.
  8. Set the startup type to the automatic and then click OK and save it.
  9. Close the service windows
  10. Check the printer is working properly or not.

This is one of the ways which can work properly. Most of the cases, the problem that we have faced can be solved right away.

Even if the problem persists still now, then you can opt for the second method described here:

Method: 2

  1. Here again, you have to open the run box. Press the windows logo key and the R at the same time
  2. Now types Regedit and then press enter to open the registry editor.
  3. You will get a prompt box, this I being given by the user account control. Press the yes option.
  4. On the registry windows, opt for the HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Microsoft>Windows NT>current version. Subkeys will be devices, printer ports, and windows. You have to right click on each of them and open the windows.
  5. Go to the devices and then right click on it. This would be under the current version dialog.
  6. Click on the permission
  7. Then you have to click on your account and put a click on the “allow” of full control. Click Apply> OK.
  8. This set of settings has to be done again to get control of the printer ports and windows.
  9. Close the registry editor windows.
  10. Reboot the system. This is preferred. Only closing the windows and the tabs cannot sometimes show you the changes. If possible reinstall the printer too.
  11. Now check the printer if the error is still persisting or printing successfully. Check with the office components whether they are detecting the printer. Hopingly that would detect the printer too. It is a never failure steps where nothing more can work.

Happy to see that it working successfully, right.

Well, I too was happy to see that my printer was working properly and I can use it even with the windows 10.

Still, the problem persisting???

Well even after this there is someone whose problems are not yet solved.

So for them, I have found a small solution form an ultimate blog. Hope this can be the useful resource for you:

In this, you have recognized whether your printer is using other apps or not.

Small but easy way to fix it

For that follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Close any kind of office components in the system
  • Open the notepad.
  • Go to the file>print or ctrl+P in a combination
  • Click on the Find printer option here.
  • Automatic instruction would come on the screen. Just follow them and do as said. Your printer will be added to the system.

Expectedly this would also be available in the office components too. But in case they don’t do it with the notepad. It is the best option.

Now when you are getting these kinds of issue, follow these steps. Let us know if you are successful with such help. In case anybody else is having any other best solution, sharing can help many people to continue their task. So please share with everyone.

Work is very important; there is no time for interruption

Printers are very useful in getting handy of the digital information. So any issues with this device can be a bit disturbing. So we have to solve it as soon as possible. If you are not at all able to follow these steps, take the help of any computer expert. It is just following the steps given above.

At extreme, you are not able to, call the professional who will offer you professional service. They can surely make it solve for you. But only that you have to pay for their service. But getting interrupted at work is not expected even if you have to pay for it.

Let’s solve it and go on with the work.

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