Working On Ways To Fix Bugs Quickly To Avoid Spreading Of Technical Debt


Collecting right information from start makes it quite easy to host interactions between the issue reporters and the development team. There are various ways, which can help in easing out pain of the developer, using some JIRA software. Only the successful product teams make it a point to add user feedbacks through entire developmental period. Here, the product owner tends to meet the customers, and their development team start working for reporting bugs from field and internally. User feedback seems to be quite important for the development of the program, and it needs to be actionable, as well.

Going for the right report

For all the developers out there, always go for the detailed big report. The simple one with little bit of information on project, issue type, summary and components, will not help much. Some of the poorly formed issues can be the biggest painful points for the developers. You have to walk through some real-life scenarios to find if the feature is working, as per the design or not. After that, the teams are going to report to the reporter when the bugs fail to resurface. This might give rise to back and forth sessions, with the reporter, for some detailed information.

Going for the next steps

The developers always try to create a connection with the people, from whom; they can get valid information about the bugs from the start. It is mandatory to know everything possible about the bug, if you want to fix it and prevent it from redeveloping. So, the people will help you with that information collection. So, keeping their numbers handy proves to be a great way to get the necessary information, you have been craving for so long. Their valid notifications will help the software developers to take requisite steps in helping out removing and demolishing bugs forever.

Ways to get right data

There are various terms, used for custom fields inside the current JIRA software. The main aim of custom fields is to allow development teams in tracking the current data points, which are specific to the said program. These points are somewhat critical for you to understand and resolving the said issues. If the reporter is not associated with the development team well, then it becomes hard for him to learn anything about the bug. And that will make the fixing procedure even more terrible and hard to solve. The less the reporter gets to understand about development environment, the harder it becomes to solve the data points!

Addition of explanatory texts

In the chosen JIRA software, administrators have the liberty to add some explanatory tests for each of the customized fields. For that, they need to create a page which will explain how a big can be filed for a particular set of product. Build number proves to be a relevant point for most of the terms, out here. You need to learn more about the points, from where you can get the build number. You have separate rules while working on best way to pay off credit cards.

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