Four Basic Tips to Contests the Effective Social Media

Social networks, mobile devices and other digital media have become important platforms for marketing from which it is possible to impact users in multiple formats and with different dynamics.

Through the different forms of communication, interaction and connection that new technologies are imposing, for brands is increasingly important to be where your customers are.

Contests are one of the best ways to connect with the audience as well as being an effective strategy to encourage user participation in building brand image.

Although this practice is already widely used by various brands, sometimes not all contests are effective obtaining results that can be harmful for brands.

So how can a contest or promotion designed make social media effective?

While there is no single formula that applies to all marketing strategies, as each brand has different needs and goals, iMedia Connection compiles four basic tips that could help achieve this goal:

1. Simple and easy to access

Using social networks as a platform to design a strategy to promote this type, it will be a good way to get to see before the current followers of the brand.

However, if the intention is to attract new potential consumers the best option will be to design a Web page or exchange ideas that can access any internet, considering that by basing the contest only some social networks the scope of the strategy is restricted to consumers involved in these spaces.

2. Adapt mobile strategy

A recent study by Nielsen indicates that the activity mobile phone to access the web represents a growth of 63% in the growth of the total time spent using social media.

For this reason, if you have thought about designing a competition suit in these mobile platforms will be essential to reach more users.

Remember web adapt is not only enough for this kind of terminals, it is also necessary to take into account the properties of each device to deliver a new message, unique and attractive to make use of that goodness.

3. Create a database

Through contests is possible for brands to create a database that includes information on the participants (name, address or occupation, for example), which will be an added benefit as this will help to understand those who are interested to interact with the brand and design new projects increasingly personalized.

4.-Cross Promotions

Integrated strategies or crossed, i.e. those that use the benefits of various social media, cause a greater impact on the audience.

It is important to clarify that this does not mean that the contest should not be too complex; it is as simple as possible but attractive leveraging every social functions.

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