Free alternative programs to Microsoft Outlook

This applies to the question of an alternative program that can be used to Microsoft Outlook. With it, you can receive primary e-mail or mails and it is usually referred to Mozilla Thunderbird. The software provides streamlined but inherently limited functionality and therefore, you will not get compassing option.

In the following overview, you will find two full alternatives to Outlook. These options are available for free.

eM Client


The first candidate in the array of alternatives is the eM Client. It represents the program from E & S Software and you will be surprised with little memory footprint (33 MB in the basic installation) and a neat interface. This makes it very heavily on Microsoft Outlook and is therefore, recommended to all those users who have never ever worked with the said product and draw a transition.

The installation of eM Client is quick and easy. After a few clicks, the program will be installed in the hard disk and before the first thing the software will do is import all the valuable details from Microsoft Outlook. A very interesting feature, which will make you think of switching.

The control layout is very straightforward to work all the way back of the hand. Positively the many small sub-menus can be mentioned, which moves with one click to the next. In addition, you can play games, view weather reports, calendar and others. eM Client is, has a few menu items, which are self-explanatory. The application comes with different languages like Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Czech.

Synovel Spicebird


A successful development of Thunderbird is the fact-based email program called Spicebird from Synovel. It is successful because it has a platform independence and layout. Each window is displayed as a tab in the program and the menus has a ribbon assembly, which according to the selected tab changes the menu items.

However, there is this alternative to Outlook, but there is no official version, since the development is not paced over to beta out ahead. However, the functionality can hope for a broad range of products. Thus, besides an email management and calendar, tasks, contacts, Google gadgets and RSS feeds are supported.

In addition, Spicebird a free customizable home page, this was in the basic installation already equipped with minor zone gadget, RSS feeds, and a notepad. With just under 45 MB memory requirements, it is suitable even for computers that have minimum memory space. This frugality comes at the expense of performance, when installed. This holds about 10,000 emails; the storage requirement is impressive. It takes up to 2 seconds to open an email.

During installation, the application is smart by its self. It inputs data automatically which are retrieved from your account and corrects settings to connect to your Google account. This avoids annoying administration.

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