5 Free Music Apps for Android


Your Android device is a package of hell lot of features. If we start talking about the features of Android, then the day may turn night, but still we’d be having some features in the uncounted category. Out of all features, music related features packed by Android devices are just amazing. If you are among the huge no. of music lovers, then I’m here with something useful for you. Here is the list of free music apps for Android. Even if you own a tablet, then also this list is useful for you, as the apps I’m listing here are music apps for Android tablets as well. So, do read out the article ahead.

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5 Free Music Apps for Android

This music player is undoubtedly the best among all free music apps for Android, even among free music apps for Android tablets. You can have great time on your Android device by listening to music through this app. This app comes with modular player screen, simple user interface and no. of widgets to taste the music in better and comfortable way. This app has a great user base, which clearly shows how popular this music player for Android is.


Ever used this popular music player on your PC? This one is available for Android as well, and is among the best free music apps for Android, or free music apps for Android tablets. The best part about this music player for Android is that it comes with many handy widgets which ease the things that we do with music tracks. It comes with plenty of tools to discover music. So while using winamp, you can discover your favorite tracks with ease.


If you are looking for more than just a music player, then there is nothing better than MixZing. It does only play music tracks with fine quality, but also can mix them up. This unique feature makes it stand in this list of free music apps for Android, or music apps for Android tablets. This app displays lyrics for millions of songs. You may find this feature pretty interesting and useful. Like above listed apps, MixZing is available for free from Google Play.


The next one in this list of free music apps for Android, or music apps for Android tablets, is the ‘doubleTwist’. With a huge user base, this app is well deserving app for spot in this list. You can play music with single tap on screen, can work with widgets, can download music, and can do a lot more with this single music player app for Android.


Looking for free and good looking equalizer for your Android device? If yes, then this app is meant for you. Apart from equalizer, this app comes with many widgets to enhance your music experience on your Android device.

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