Free VPN software for Windows

Internet VPN

VPN software allows users to access shared data over a private network. This software is very handy in case you need to provide access to data to lots of computers but want to keep all the data in one computer.

That one computer becomes the host and other computers can use the private network to access files and folders.

There are lots of free VPN software for windows available over the web but not all are genuine and good in performance. So I’m here with some free VPN software for Windows which are really good.

Hotspot Shield

It’s the best free VPN software for windows as it provides a strong firewall to your personal computer while connected to any VPN. It provides a very strong encryption to all the data coming out and in of your computer so that no infection gets through your computer via VPN or public Wi-Fi.

Sometimes this feature becomes hectic as it doesn’t allow you to access particular files and folders. According to its developer, it is the largest VPN over the internet as it is used by over 15 million people.


This free VPN software provides access to lots of public networks but also encrypt them so that no one is able to trace you back or leave any infection wrapped for you. The encryption is very strong and it is very hard to trace out your IP.

The only thing I didn’t like about this software is that it opts for installing lots of other softwares but rest of the things were impressive.

Expat Shield

This software is so good in providing protection that you don’t even need to think about security any more after installing it. It takes care of all encryption work on its own and at the same time, keeps your personal data secured.

It is installed within few minutes and installation is almost pain free but requires little more time in setting up. The user interface is good and it moves down to the tray and operates in background without affecting your normal uses.

Free VPN software for Windows

As name suggests, it’s free VPN software that is compatible firmly with Windows operating system. It provides security and privacy protection while you’re accessing favorite data through any public network or Wi-Fi.

You can do private browsing as well with this software which will keep your identity completely secured. It requires your email ID before starting up but rest of the things are really impressive and fast.

SoftEther VPN Client

Software Ethernet (SoftEther) is another free to use VPN software that is available for Windows OS. It is compatible with Windows 8 as well and provides very tough protection while you’re live on a public network.

The encryption methods are really strong so that you can surf the web and access files and folders without worrying about getting infections.

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