How to Change Your Google Chrome Themes

Are you bored of that default “blue” Google Chrome Themes? In fact, if you are reading this article; then you probably are. As a matter of fact, just a few days back, the same phase came upon me, but rather than feeling pity on myself, I discovered a really good solution to it. Don’t worry! I did not switch my browser; the only thing which I did was that I changed the theme of my Google Chrome Web browser – so what actually happened was that my Google Chrome changed to whole way it looked liked.

No offence, but I really appreciate the level of customization which Google provides in its piece of Web browser. You can take your browser to a whole new level by changing each and every part of the User Interface; the whole colour scheme and the background of the homepage gets changed; it is just as if you have installed a whole new browser.

So now that you are aware of the fact that we can change the theme of Google copyright Chrome webrowser; the question which arises now is that how can you do it? You might be thinking that there is a huge rocket science behind this tweak. But trust me, there is no such “big thing” included in this small piece of tweak. You only have to do a few clicks and you will have your new Google Chrome theme in front of you.

Now to guide you through this piece of tweak, we have mentioned all the necessary steps required to change the theme of your Google Chrome web browser. More after the break –

Things to Remember for Google Chrome Themes

  • The following method will only work on Google Chrome; please do not try this on any other web browser.
  • In case you mess up with your browser while following the steps below, we won’t be held responsible
  • Please read each and every step carefully
  • Keep your anti-viruses on before downloading the theme onto your PC

Steps Required to Customize / Change the Theme of Your Google Chrome web browser

Step 1 – The first thing you need to do is that you have to download a theme of your choice. You can do this by Goggling up these themes. If not, then go to any one of the following websites and download a theme.

  • Chrome fans
  • Official Google Chrome Web store

Case 1

Step 2 – Now in case you downloaded the theme from a website other than the official chrome store, unzip the file to the following location: C:/Users/ )you user)/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/Application/(your chrome version)/ Themes/

Step 3 – Replace the extracted file if another file named the same is present already there

Step 4 – Now open your browser and the colour scheme / theme of your Google Chrome will be changed

Case 2

Step 1 – Now in case you downloaded the theme from the official web store; your theme will appear in front of you right after you download it - without any additional steps.

You have successfully learned  How to Change Your Google Chrome Themes

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