Google Launches New Feed for Android and iOS

Google Launches New Feed for Android and iOS

When it comes to interests, ambitions, and passions, we all differ from one person to another. There are many ways in which people stay updated with all the information they need to know, a few examples being Google, Facebook, Twitter, and news Apps. But have you ever come across a single platform that makes important information available to you? Important in the sense, all those information that really matter to you?

Google has launched a new feed in the Google app which makes it easier to find, learn, and stay up to date with everything that matters to you. This algorithm driven feed that is available for both Android and iOS understands the interests of the users and delivers personalized content to them.

The feed gathers information based on your search history and the pages you choose to follow, making the app a place for both searching and browsing information. Further, this feed helps users categorize news and information on the search app and prioritize them based on their favorite topics.

Google's Personalized News Stream


The new feed that was rolled out in the United States in July will soon be launched in many places around the globe. In its efforts to reach more users in India, Google had decided to launch two services in the country – Google Feed and Google Home.

The feed, which will be available in Hindi and English, will display to its users a collection of cards that contain news updates, relating to various categories, latest stories, and videos based on the interests of users, and news and highlights of their favorite sports.

The feed will keep evolving as per the user’s search queries and will display topics that are related to his/her interests, search history, and so on. The results of a particular search query will be derived from all the available sources that have information related to the topic of interest. Moreover, every result that is displayed on the feed will be relevant to the current period and listed according to the time it was published on the source.

According to Shashidhar Thakur, engineering vice president of Google Search, the Feed will be available in the Google app initially, but they will be trying to bring it to mobile Chrome browser in the coming years.

It’s very easy to use the Google Feed. Just launch the Google's search app, and you'll see a list of cards that contain various stories, including news, sports-related updates, recipes, music, videos, and travel information. Google brings relevant information by studying your search history, device information, location, Maps, YouTube history, and every other detail it gathers about you.

Whenever your interests change, Google is capable of detecting these changes and delivering information accordingly. Google makes sure that the information presented to you are checked for facts so that any misleading or fake news can be eliminated. You can customize the feed or hide a feed or follow a story or share it by tapping the three dots located on the upper right corner of a story card.

While searching for certain categories like movies, music, sports teams, and celebrities, you will find a "follow" button beside the search results. Tapping the follow button will allow users to start receiving stories and updates, pertaining to that topic.

Future search results on the same topic will be displayed based on the pages and websites followed by the user. If you want to stop following a certain topic, the “customize stories” option will allow you to un-follow it.

Another feature Google plans to introduce in the feed is the 'new-to-you' feature, which will provide a list of links to the favorite topics of the users so that they can get an in-depth information on them. The feed will also provide relevant news and information based on the user's location.

Google, with its wide array of applications, has become an integral part of people’s lives these days. The introduction of the new feed feature will allow users to get more information about the topics that they really care about instead of those that are irrelevant to them. The new feed will be available on your smartphones once the Google App is updated and opened. You can get the latest free APK download of the Google App from the internet.

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