How CMMS can save your business costs

In most of companies and business organizations equipment preventive maintenance is viewed as an unnecessary task that also waste time, but in fact it could be one of the costly mistakes that they are making since it helps the company to keep its tools and equipment in spick and span condition.

Most of companies that are running their operations on large scales and also value their assets and money as well, they always prefer use of CMMS not only to augment the life of assets but also to save money from unexpected breakdowns due to the lack of on time preventive maintenance.

What is CMMS

CMMS is the short form of ‘computerized maintenance management system’. As the name demonstrates that it is the computer software developed to maintain database for a company’s maintenance tasks and operations in computer, it can assist the repair personnel or maintenance team of the company not only organize its preventive maintenance plan but also helps to determine which tool or equipment need to be repaired before it breaks down.

It can also be used by the maintenance team to prioritize repairing jobs as well as calculate estimated costs of the maintenance etc.

How CMMS can save your business costs

When a company makes use of CMMS software, it becomes an investment for the company or business and as we all know that investment always give you something of value in return, it can save a lot of your business costs that are paid when a machine or equipment breaks down due to lack of repairing or maintenance.

Successfully implemented CMMS software typically returns almost 4x to 5x of the initial investment in less than three years and here is how it can save your business money.

Labor Costs through Improved Efficiencies

Since utilization of the CMMS software helps you or your company exactly estimate labor hours for repairing or preventive maintenance jobs, it enables your organization to manage labor costs in an organized manner by hiring new workers if needed instead of paying existing employees 2X overtime.

By having an accurate idea of whether the staffing levels matches the workload or not, you can hire or dismiss the labor in order to save your business costs that can be spent on other things.

Most of computerized maintenance management system software provides you a feature that allows you to automate schedules for your employees or outside (contract) workers to get the work done before late.

It reduces the downtime & Increases the life of assets

Whenever a machine or tool of your company goes down for repairing or breakdown, it sounds like your company is not making much money as it was making before.

And by having a computerized maintenance management system, you will be able to have a maintenance schedule on hand in order to prevent unexpected break down of your machines.

As on-time maintenance helps to reduce the down time and also increases the life of assets, you are less likely to spend more money on purchasing new machines or on repairing jobs.

When every part of your business tools or machines is up to date and working properly, it will surely maximize the lifespan of your tools to generate more from your investments made.

Effective parts and inventory management

Effective spare parts and inventory management is one of the reasons that CMMS can save your business costs.

Every CMMS software is designed with an ability to keep an eye on your parts inventory and helps you prevent under-stocking and over-stocking issues by streamlining the recording process.

As it is a computer database for maintenance operations of your organization or company, it can establish your current parts inventory levels and can also automatically generate purchase orders based on need that can help you save business money by not paying some extra bucks on purchasing an out of stock part on immediate basis.

CMMS also increases operational efficiency

When all equipment or tools of your company are routinely maintained according to the preventive maintenance schedule and are in best possible working condition, the chances of stopping your business operations are reduced that help you improve the operational efficiency to generate more revenues.

As all it will be possible with brilliant CMMS software, investing some of your business budget in this computerized maintenance management system will definitely help you save your business money.

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