How is FixYa App used on Apple iPhone?

What is FixYa for iPhone?

When a household appliance gets damaged people usually take it to the nearest repair shop to fix the problem. However there could be some minor problems and it is not worth to be taken to the market. For example if a screw of the mp3 player gets lose it could be easily fixed at home and the problem remains too small to be taken to a shop. One can seek and find solutions online. FixYa for iPhone can be the perfect solution. It is an iOS application and may be quite handful. It had been launched for some time and had proved to be quite useful.

Features of FixYa for iPhone

The FixYa for iPhone provides perfect user guided video and along with these there are tutorials available. These tutorials are helpful as it provide the perfect guidance for fixing home appliances, auto-mobile to gadgets and even software. For new user an account should be created. Full name, email ID and password or Facebook id is required for logging in. one should inform the application about personal interest and expertise. Once registered, one could have many benefits from the online video collection. All kinds of solutions are available. One could post question and the find the solution from the app. Before posting any questions one could also search the categories as there could an answer somewhere in the list already. One could use the search and filter button to make things easier.

Advantages of FixYa for iPhone

FixYa for iPhone has thirty six different categories which include cars, phones, refrigerator, washing machines, stereos, motorcycles and television. Presently this application is only being used in the iPhone but soon will be for android applications. There are about twenty five million users who are taking benefit from FixYa. Launched in 2005 and is making its mark in the market from 2009. Its income is based on services to customers and from advertisement available from local and large retailer. There is an advantage for users and that is they can post videos on the website themselves. The length of the video has to short. They first need to upload them on Youtube then copy paste the link on the FixYa site. If one is using a smart phone the process becomes more smooth and natural. For these reason it will be soon launched on smart phones. San Mateo based FixYa is also growing slowly and had over four hundred categories.  They have a target about fifty million users per month.

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