How to add or block contacts in Whatsapp on Android handset

The person you want to add must be a user of this application.

1. Go to the menu 'Contacts' WhatsApp.

  • Get Whatsapp. Next, click on 'Menu' in the navigation menu bottom of the application. In the tab that drops you choose 'Contacts'.
  • Now you will see your contact list displayed on the screen of your Android device. Click on the '+' icon in the upper left corner

2. Where do you want to save the data of your contact?

The next thing is to decide where you want to save your contact details. You have three options:

  • In memory of the phone
  • On the SIM card
  • In your Google account

3. Set the details of your contact

  • Now access a template for you to enter the details of your contact information: name, surname and phone.
  • The contact you want to add to Whatsapp has to be a user of this application.

How to block a contact from an Android phone WhatsApp

Go to the last chat you've had with this person and block it in just two clicks

1. Access your contacts on WhatsApp.

  • What a drag and what a weary person. Do you write for WhatsApp messages at all hours? And worst of all is you are disturbed by the unwanted messages from uninterested person. The best solution is locking this contact.
  • Start the application by clicking on its icon on the screen of your Android. Then click on the pencil-shaped icon in the upper right corner. This will give you access to your entire WhatsApp contact list. If you do not find the one you want you can use the form that is in the top of the screen.

2. Blocks contact bothering you

  • When you find the contact you wanted click on its name. Access the last conversation you've had with this person. Then click on the 'Menu' button on your Android. This will display a small tab with several options. Select the one that reads 'Block'.
  • Usually, you've blocked the contact. Remember that you can unlock anytime.

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