How To Bypass Online Surveys Without Spending A Penny

Hi folks, nowadays most of the websites you want to use or visit are started putting surveys in order to make extra income from their visitors or to get feedback about their website from their users through surveys. That's okay! Doing it so is not a problem at all, you just need to spend hardly 10 seconds to pass the survey to get your hands on what you were looking for, but sometimes completing the survey could be so frustrating. Moreover day by day the number of sites using surveys are increasing rapidly. The main reason behind keeping long and annoying surveys is to make some extra cash. Ignoring the fact that it will reduce the user experience. You will also face surveys when you're trying to download files from any file sharing websites. You can't download the file unless and until you pass out the survey. So what else you can do to get access to the file or website? Well, you can bypass the surveys using tools or software. But most of the are paid and doesn't work the way it should. Don't worry anymore! We've got this covered and will be showing you how to bypass such time consuming or annoying surveys easily.


How To Bypass Online Surveys

1.  Bypass Surveys Using Online Survey Remover Site: This is the best and easiest method to remove surveys which pop up before downloading any file from file sharing sites. All you need to do is just visit survey bypass site and paste the URL of the file which you want to download. One thing I love about this website, it doesn't show any annoying popup advertisements which many other websites does. Isn't it the simplest and easiest one to remove online surveys while downloading any file?  Then go ahead and try yourself.

2.  Bypass Online Surveys Using An Extension: If you are sick copy pasting the URL's every time then you must try this method. All you need to do is just download the Firefox browser and install in on your PC. Now download the extension called Survey remover from here. This extension will help you to bypass any type of online survey without doing much. Just install the extension in your browser and set it up. There are many other extensions which does the similar job, but the one which I share here is the best and most probably will work on almost all websites.

Final Words

So, guys, that's how you can bypass online surveys without spending much on software or tools. Don't forget to share this article with your friends too. And lastly, if you have any issues while bypassing the surveys then comment it below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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