How to create a "Home Group" with Windows 8

If you come here, or you are a blogger, or you deal a great time over the network, and being fixed so you're like me more than once looking for tutorials of this type.

Recently I have had to face out of the blue to Windows 8. After the initial sock, now I feel very comfortable and pleased with the new interface version and slowly I'm familiar with it. I've two computers at home with windows 8 and usually I need to share files and "group home" which is a home network between computers connected to the same WiFi network and can do it without being a network expert. This possibility already existed in windows 7 bone that is also possible with this version.

It is very simple to create the network

We create the network on one of the computers accessing the charm bar (windows key + C). Then hit the "settings icon" and the following menu all the way down to "change pc settings".

  • We choose "home group" and select the folders you want to share documents, music, pictures, videos and printers and also if you want other devices to play your media.
  • Here generates HomeGroup passwords that numbers and letters are often impossible to remember (if you want you can change, but not here in the Control Panel after this step).
  • On the other computer, if windows 8, you follow the same steps and the password and next and you can share files.

If the other computer, windows 7 access through the "Control Panel" in "Network and Internet" and HomeGroup. I have not tried because my two computers are windows 8 but it would be the logical way.

Now if as I said you want to change the password to something easier for you to remember, this is best done after creating the group home in the first computer by going to "Control Panel" (windows key + C), "Networks and internet", "home group "and" change password" you enter the new password and you walk into the other computer to enter the home group.

If after you have created the HomeGroup, you have a new folder you want to share and select it right click on it and choose "Share with ..." and choose "homegroup".

If the network does not work see if you have turned on the wifi network sharing on both computers, to check:

  • Right-clicking on the wifi symbol to the right of the toolbar.
  • Right click on the name of your wireless network and enable sharing.

Or it may be that the two computers are called just like it happened to me and do not work. In this case, control panel, system security, system, down see the computer name and the ability to rename the file.

Already have the network ready to work must be turned on both computers.

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