How to Download Angry Birds for PC


Gone are the days when people used to go outside for playing games, nowadays they just need to press some keys to download the game which they would like to play on their one console and they can best make out of their spare time. If you are an Android User than you might have taken the experience of playing some popular games such as Angry Birds, Subway Surfer and Temple Run etc. Undoubtedly, these games conquered the heart of millions of people around the world, and now if people get some spare time they used to take out their phone and start playing their favorite games. It’s a new revolution which was started with Android and Tablets and Smart-phones made it possible. You wouldn’t believe but according to a survey, gaming is a one of the biggest reasons people are intend to but smart-phones and tablets.

So the next question arises do we always need a smart-phone or tablet for playing such games??? Can’t we play them on personal computer?? K

Then I would say this content is only for you. If I talk about the most popular game Angry Birds, then I am pretty sure that every one of us might have a good experience with this game. This game has been the best since its launch. You get idea about the popularity of this phone by the fact that the people who don’t have their own smart-phone or tablet, always keep searching about the PC version of Angry Birds. So, here in this article we will share some useful information regarding How to Download Angry Birds for PC?? In this article we will also include the information about how to download several different versions of Angry Birds on your PC.

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Angry Birds??

Though, you must be having the answer of this question already. Still, let’s make a formal start by knowing what Angry Birds is. It’s a game series which is available for all mobile OS and the first game of this series was Angry Birds which developed for Apple’s iOS in December 2009. The overwhelming response and demand convinced the developers to make it possible to experience on other mobile OS. There are certain features which kept is always top of the charts among the best games available in the market for nay mobile OS such as High-end Graphics, Nice Gameplay, Unique Concept and Amazing Sound Quality.

Download Angry Birds for PC

If you are a freak of Angry Birds then I am pretty sure that you might be looking for all the versions of Angry Birds and to test out all on the PC as all versions of Angry Birds are released yet now for PC. There is a complete list of its version, let’s check out.

  • Angry Birds Original
  • Angry Birds Rio
  • Angry Birds Space
  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Angry Birds Bad Piggies

So, in the next section you will get the information regarding How to download such versions on your PC and the respective links.

1.     Download Angry Birds Original for PC

It would be a different experience to play Angry Birds on PC. It’s the most original or simple version of Angry Birds and it was launched in December 2009 for Apple’s iOS. To playing it, you need to hit all the bad pigs by using Angry Birds. The game has many levels and in every level you need to destroy all the pigs. It would be hell lot of fun to play out this game on PC. To Download Angry Birds Original for PC you can click on the link given below:

Download Angry Birds for PC- Original

2.     Download Angry Birds Rio for PC

How to Download Angry Birds for PC

After getting the overwhelming response it convinced the developers to work on the other versions of Angry Birds. And the Angry Birds Rio was the new game in the series. In this game the birds have been captured in the cage and your task is to escape the Angry Birds from the danger. The game is very simple and graphics are impressive. To Download Angry Birds Rio for PC you can click on the link give below:

Download Angry Birds Rio for PC

3.     Download Angry Birds Space for PC

Experience the zero gravity with Angry Birds in this game, Angry Birds Space. This game has a new story that you need to chase the eggs which have been stolen by some evil creatures and lost in galaxy. This game fills you with ultimate adventure and you get a good way to spend some spare time. So utilize the powers and conquer the levels. To free Download Angry Birds Space for PC you can click on the link mentioned below:

Download Angry Birds Space for PC

4.     Download Angry Birds Seasons for PC

Really, you would love the next version of Angry Birds. Do you want to enjoy the various festivals and days with Angry Birds such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Moon Festival, and Christmas etc.?? If yes, then this game will make you cherish. Angry Birds Seasons offers a whole new experience of playing Angry Birds. You can make Angry Birds yours by just making a single click on the link mentioned below:

Download Angry Birds Seasons for PC

5.     Download Angry Birds- Bad Piggies for PC

From the makers of Angry Birds, the Bad Piggies is an exclusive game which offers a superb game play. Although, the games featuring evil pigs as the main character instead of Angry Birds. The task is to create an ultimate machine and take the pigs to a new destination. The game is consisting of 120 levels and you can simply unlock the levels with your game play. To free download this game click below:

Download Angry Birds- Bad Pigs for PC

6.     Download Angry Birds Star Wars for PC

Angry Bird Star Wars is a powerful game with both powerful Angry Birds and Pigs. The game looks simple but it’s not, to win a certain level you need to use both power and brain simultaneously. To download this game, you can click on the below mentioned link:

Download Angry Birds Star Wars for PC

All above mentioned versions of How to Download Angry Birds for PC has been successfully tested out on every platform such as Windows XP, 7, 8 and Vista. If you get any problem in downloading or running it on PC then we will surely try to sort out your problem.

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