How to fix the time of WhatsApp Messages

Do you want to fix the time of WhatsApp messages from your Android phone. Then you must change the clock from the settings menu of 'Smartphone' and not from the application

1. Access the menu settings of your Android phone.

  • While sending messages from your Android by WhatsApp and it is not reflecting the time? No problem, you can fix this so that your contacts know when you wrote them.
  • Access the setup menu of 'Smartphone' by clicking on the icon "Settings" in your phone's home screen. Access to a menu has several options select the option 'Date and time'.

2 You have several options to set the time.

At this point you have several options to adjust the time of your WhatsApp messages

  • Set Date, if you click on this option you can set time manually on your Android phone.
  • Auto-zone, if you click on this option the clock on your phone is configured itself to the world time zone in which you are.
  • Select time zone manually. With this option you can choose the time zone of the planet that you want.

How to send a photo from a terminal Android WhatsApp

Select an image from your phone's library or take a new snapshot

You can access WhatsApp by clicking on the application icon on the screen of your Android device. Then you need to enter a chat window and click on the paper clip button in the upper right corner. It will display a menu with several options, choose one of the following:

  • Gallery.
  • Take Photo.

Choose anyone of the option that you are most interested in and when you select the image and has been attached click 'Send'.

Erasing WhatsApp chat history in Android 

Access the setup menu of the application and removes all the dialogs at once

1. Access the configuration menu WhatsApp

  • Clears all conversation history of WhatsApp and remove traces of any dialogue that you kept.
  • Click on the application icon on the screen of your Android phone. Then click on the 'Menu' the 'Smartphone'. A small menu is displayed on the bottom of the device with several options. Click on 'Settings'.

2. Confirm that you want to delete the conversation history

  • In the setup menu you will see several options of WhatsApp. Click on 'Settings chat' and then 'Delete all conversations'. Then you will have to confirm that you really want to remove the dialogues.
  • Done. You've deleted the WhatsApp chat history of your Android phone.

How to silence a group in a terminal Android WhatsApp

Accesses the groups’ chats and mute the sound from the options menu

1. Access the group you want to mute

  • Your friends do not stop to write in your group of WhatsApp. Every time one of them writes a new message your 'Smartphone' notifies you with a sound. Well you know you can mute the application not to bother.
  • Click on the icon of the group you want to mute. When you click in the 'Menu' button on your Android phone. You will see a tab at the bottom of your screen with several options. Click on the reading 'Silence'.

2. How much ever long you can silence the WhatsApp?

When you click on 'Mute' emerge a small menu with three options for WhatsApp silence your group:

  • 8 Hours
  • 1 Day
  • 1 Week

Choose the one that interests you.

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