How to: Get Google Adsense Approval Fast?

How to

Creating Google AdSense new account is easy and fast. Google offers useful tools which are simple to use. You can join the program at any time if your site is new or old and start posting ads.

Make money with Google adsense

Here are the steps to create an account with Google AdSense and then place ads on your website.

Important: Adsense team considers your request for presentation, however approval is not guaranteed.

Steps to Create an Adsense account:

1 – You need a Google account to join the Adsense program. This means you must have an account with for use as identification, cannot enter Google Adsense account with a custom domain registered. Then if you still do not have a G-mail account is advisable to create one to have a proper Adsense account.

2 – Go to page of Google Adsense, and complete th