How to: Get More Contact in Social Networks

The most common questions we get often are how to get more followers on social networks. In my opinion I always point three ingredients essential to achieve; excitement, courage and contacts.

The letter - I – in alphabets plays a very vital role in social networks. Today we will talk about why it is so important to interact with your followers and give you three concrete tips to help you get it.

Your next follower is merely one link

Your next follower is most probably one of the following:

• A person who is visiting your business, or

• A friend of one of your current followers.

Both the above points are very important. Today I will talk about the second point. Those are just a link in your fans, and to reach the road passes through the person between you and your new follower, as illustrated in the chart at the beginning of the article.

Surprise! Your friends see what you do

Whenever you give a comment or like on Facebook, there is always someone who finds your friends. Same happens when someone makes a retweet on Twitter or when they recommend your post in LinkedIn or otherwise interact with you on social networks.

The reason why it is so unlikely that your next follower is a friend of your existing fans because they know by a person they know. Therefore it is very important that you get your followers to talk with you or better yet talk about you in social networks. Your goal is that your friends know you.

Most important three tips to get more contacts

There are many tips to get more contacts in social networks. All are usually very good, but here I give you the three that I consider most important.

1. Post good content

Regularly post your offers and information about your products, it is good content. Many experts apply the 20/80 rule. Where is the 20% corporate and 80% content relevant and valuable content, which is not to sell anything, just help. Your followers are not going to share your deals with friends, but they share tips, tricks and stories.

2. Ask questions

Better way to start a conversation is to ask a question. Ask questions to your followers and invite them for discussions. Conversation generates contacts and the friends of your fans will find you out. The knowledge you will gain from this type of interaction is invaluable. Determine the opinions and preferences of your customers and followers which will be a great help to deliver even more value to them.

To make the conversation flow you need to participate. Everyday set aside at least 30 minutes to attend your followers. Be the first to answer the question, so your customers do not have to occupy that uncomfortable position. Participate in the comments thanking the participation and answer the questions that arise in the comments. Not only will thank those involved, also encourages others to participate.

3. Generous

Nothing works better in social networks, and in life itself, to be generous. With the - G - I gave you three tips to be more generous with your followers that you can use here.

Generosity creates reciprocity. And there is nothing better for interaction with your followers to start a relationship with "the account of good will" positively, because you first have given them something to they value.

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