How to get Start menu back in Windows 8

After the huge success of Windows 7, its successor is also following the same trend. Yeah, Windows 8 is what I am talking about. This latest version of Windows is going good in the sales graph. As per the multiple reports, the curve was growing rapidly in the initial phase of Windows 8 launch. As the time is passing, the demand for Windows 8 is decreasing. It seems that users are not pleased with the Windows 8. It is most likely to happen because the Windows 8 brings a completely new taste as compared to other previous version  of Windows. Users are not finding themselves comfortable in using Windows 8.

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Talking about the changes that Microsoft has brought in Windows 8, the biggest one, that got the negative feedback from the users, is the Start menu absence. It is very surprising that why Microsoft has not kept Start menu in Windows 8 while it was the part of all previous version of Windows? Whatever the reason is, the real thing is that all users are surfing from poor navigation because of non-existence of Start menu, and are looking for the ways on how to get start menu back in windows 8. If you are among such people, then proceed ahead and read this article, as I have blessed it with the list of best ways on how to get start menu back in windows 8.


Many users are that much in love with the Start menu that they are ready to pay for software/app that can help them in getting it back on Windows 8. If you are such person, then StartIsBack is what deserves your hard-earned money to get invested. This is the best answer to the question: how to get start menu back in windows 8. Though this is good for everyone, but those out of you who like and admire Windows 7's Start menu, must not miss this. It is priced at only $3 for the license for 2 PCs, which is not a big burden. Is it?


Not in the mood of paying to get the solution for how to get Start menu back in Windows 8? If this is so, then Pokki is best choice for you. It is completely free and comes with bunch of incredible features. The default Start menu that you get by installing Pokki on your Windows 8 is quite good, but if you don't like, then you can customize it in the way you want.

Classic Shell

Did not find the Pokki useful, but are strictly looking for the free solution to how to get Start menu back in Windows 8? OK, No Problem! Classic Shell is there to help you. This Start menu does not bring much features, but still, is good enough to convince you admire it. The customization can enhance your taste with Classic Shell. As it is quite easy to install, so recommended for newbies.

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