How To Make Free call from PC to mobile

To keep the love, the attachment in friendship or any relations, it's highly mandatory to be in touch always. Thanks to technology that lets us do so in a very effective manner. There are many ways by which one can stay in touch with one's friends or relatives. The best out of them are SMS and calls. Talking about the calls, most of people love doing so. It has been observed that people don't talk openly on calls. Reason? The reason is the high charge of calls. Life would be amazing if we can make calls free, right? Well, that's actually possible! You can make free call from PC to mobile. Yeah, that's quite easy to do. All you need to do is to have the app that lets you make free call from PC to mobile.


Before you think that Skype offers free call from PC to any mobile number, then let me tell you that there is nothing like that. The idea here is to make free call from PC to mobile via the Internet. Since Skype is available for both desktop and mobile, so you can make free call from PC to any of your friend's mobile having the Skype installed on it. The quality that Skype offers is just amazing.You can have nice voice and video conversation via the Skype.

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You can make free call from PC to mobile via Nimbuzz. Yeah, the call is made over the Internet. The quality is quite good. Apart from free calling, you can have nice time while chatting with your buddies on the instant messaging accounts like Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger etc., through Nimbuzz.


Install Tango on PC, and start making free call from PC to mobile having Tango installed on it. This app is quite simple to use, which makes it one of the best apps for free calling. Yeah, you can have video conversation as well. The quality offered by Tango makes it my favorite, favorite of hundreds of thousands of users. Since Tango is available for multiple OS, so chances are high that your friend might be having it installed on his/her mobile.


Did not like any of the above listed apps? If this is the case with you, then consider using the Viber to make free call from PC to mobile. This app, like the above ones, offer very high quality in both voice and video calling. The simple user interface of the site makes it simple to use.


This popular app is available for all major mobile OS. You can use this to make free call from PC to mobile. There are many who use this app for the same purpose. Just give it a try, you will surely love using this app. Yeah, it's completely free.

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