How to: Make money with Google adsense

After a long time I learned that Google adsense is the best way to generate income online. I can assure you that this is a very honest and interesting method. But if you want to start generate income and start adsense immediately, then I’m sorry to say that these thinking is very wrong. Adsense is something that combines many factors and if you want to make a blog or a website with the sole purpose of wanting to catch advertising you will be destined to fail.

Probably you are reading this article because you want to make money with adsense. There are few tips and secrets to achieve a few dollars.

  • Don’t create a website or blog pages just for the sake of wanting to put advertising.
  • Create a blog or website with quality and unique content, like the relevance of Google. Example in this blog we are talking about internet business and if the ads appear regarding "kitchen items" no one would be interested in that.
  • Optimize your ads, your site should have nice colors and background content, this will give a great experience to the readers and there will be great chance of winning clicks.
  • Update it constantly. I mean do not forget to post content regularly.
  • A title play a vital role, remember that Google is more specific about it.
  • Select a theme that suits your website, it may be sports or music or art no matter the subject as long as you know what you mean.
  • Create traffic to your website, having a greater number of visits greater the chances of winning, to give you an idea the average cost of a click is $ 0.10 USD so if 100 prints of 1-5 you click you 're carrying at most $ 0.50 USD and if you have few visitors a day you can earn a good income. The cost of click can vary depending upon locations of the visitors.
  • Link your site to other blogs, blog search engines, etc. i.e., this will bring traffic, not tons but a little is important.
  • If you make a blog do not drop it, work on it every day and if you do not post minimum then advertising gets affected.
  • Study a bit of SEO; this will help you to be in the top search.

But if you still have a doubt, I can give you an estimate of what you can achieve, the average of webmaster makes $ 100 USD to $ 500 USD per month and earning $ 100 must have minimum visitors and to get $ 500 should have extremely high visits at least from 1500 to 2000 visits.

Adsense works and serves but to live in the short term, I recommend it as an alternative source of income on par with your core business, but don’t try to make it your main source of day to day because you may get big disappointment if you do not get the expected results.

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