How to: Make Money with Google

For some people who are not familiar with the internet from the aspect of how to generate money, surely wonder how to generate money through Google which doesn’t charge any fees for using its search engine. The answer is very simple and the way in which you can make money with Google is called "Google Adsense and Google Adwords".

Many people are aware of this and even have tried them, but found no favorable results. Some of them have not won more than a few dollars. In this post I will share some tips and advice how you can make money with Google.

First of all I will explain how it is that you can make money with Google. Google makes money with Adwords and Adsense. I have to play both issues as it goes "Along with sticking".

Google Adwords: This is the way that Google gives you the opportunity to post ads and advertisers appear in Google searches and in external sites (which can be your website or blog).

Google AdsenseThis is a code that allows inserting Google make money with Google Adwords ads on our website. This is the way Google Share income generated through adwords as "you helped" to Google to sell such advertising on your website or blog.

Make Money with Google is NOT easy but not “IMPOSSIBLE”.

Factors that Google Adsense takes into account to pay you better and earn money easily are. Your website should be clear, easy to navigate, fast loading (Having a good hosting), time spent on your site and bounce rates should be low.

1. Use Analytic: This is a powerful tool which gives you the right direction to your website. Explore it and analyze it as the key.

2. Theme and Original Content: It's very important that you focus only theme, so the first thing you should do is to seek to have advertisements on adwords issues because if you talk about a topic that does not have advertisers ads that will be displayed in Your page will be "filler" i.e., have no proper relevance on the issue. This is the first filter that Google uses to determine which ads are deployed on your page. And the original content means that you have to have unique content and not copied from other sites.

3. Choice proper type of ad: Though Adsense gives you options which will be suitable to your site. The options are "Text Ads" and "Free Graphics".

4. Ad targeting:  You can choose your ads to be seen by "contextual targeting" words for words related to your content and "placement targeting" words alone will advertisements for certain cities or countries. This is very important to consider because if you're focused on one country and your number of visits is higher in that country will have better relevance and therefore adsense pay you better. The key is to find advertisers that pay you more.

These are just some of the most important and basic tips, these will serve you to support advertising your internet business. I want to be honest with you, If you would like to earn through Google you have to follow its rules.

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