How to: Manage my Android from your computer?

Android is a free tool for Android phones which allows controlling the phone remotely from the computer. It is a unique and original application, the way of using it is one of its advantages.

The idea behind Android is simple. On the one hand it installs the application from the phone which transmits via Wi-Fi Connection information of the phone, on the other, from the computer and through a web browser; we can completely control the device.

The only thing we have to keep in mind is that both the cell phone and the computer must be on the same network. In addition, the requirements for using this tool are we should have Android in version 2.1 at least, and have installed Firefox, Chrome or Safari in their latest versions.

Installation aspects

After downloading the application, when we open it, you find a tutorial of not many words. Just past the screen where it shows the important information, the program will detect our Wi-Fi source (router), we are offered a web connection and a password.

Here we must make a notation marking the direction to enter it from the browser. Then, we will see a kind of wallpaper, where Android provides us the password. After entering it, you will see a screen with information of the cell and a series of icons that will be a series of entrance door to our cell.

If we want to make a fixed password that will help us to enter, we must go to the configuration. To do this, touch the wheel attached to the password appears. Perform this process where we can greatly facilitate things, but not recommended for security reasons.

And user interface

If we take a look at the browser interface, we find a complete desktop that shows the main tools and mobile activities. From the bar that shows the left side, we can create a new message or creating a contact.

Although it is hard to believe, Android is responsible for sending the message through the cell and save the contact. The other two buttons allow us to abort the connection and find out more about the program.

Both messages and contacts can be fully managed from the desktop. Once you click on messages a window with the latest posts will appear in the cell. When you enter a message you can answer and also see contact information along with call log separated by tabs.

Thus, all the necessary information about the contacts or the sent message are strategically located in one place, due to this finding the information becomes more easier, we can say that it centralizes the browser with Android to sour Smartphone.

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