How to: Optimize YouTube videos for search engines?

YouTube is the largest video search engine that exists today. If we also add that Google displays it in preferred places in the results of search, the more reason to appear in the top positions.

Factors to consider when optimizing YouTube videos for search engines:

- The title we give to the video. It is important that the code that we want to position. Clearly, for this, our content must be related to the keyword, otherwise the ratio of dropouts hurt us long term.

- The description. It should contain keywords and also seek consistency and be clear and concise. Remember that both the title and the description make a promotional role and must be sufficiently attractive.

- Work the long tail. The strategy long tail is always advisable and, of course, when it comes to optimizing for SEO Youtube videos. Try that are long tail keywords and get your positioning against the competition.

- Optimizes the labels. Use the keywords in the tags and all variants, synonyms and ideas that can be searched.

- Study the competition. To choose the best keywords is to analyze the search with the keyword tool Google, but then analyzes these words on Youtube. Performs search keywords and watch the competition and videos that have more visits. It will give you an orientation of the most appropriate keywords for your content.

- Choose a thumbnail attractive. No need to repeat that for the user, a picture is worth a thousand words. YouTube takes into account the number of visits. The image you choose, along with an appropriate title, are critical for them to click on your video.

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