How to partition for Windows 7 and Windows 8

You will find many articles which will talk about the partitions and how to help you organize the space on your hard drive so that you can save files and documents. But I've a primary partition for Windows and one secondary to the other files. In case if Windows is disabled by a virus or other mishap we can keep the rest of the album safe. There are many programs to create partitions in Windows 7 and Windows 8, but the easiest way is to use Windows utility that brings default.

You have the possibility to organize files independently from each other, even avoiding problems due to harmful programs or Windows malfunction. If you have only one hard disk in your computer, it can be virtually divided into several units, called partitions. Before beginning the task of creating partitions and format them, I recommend you be cautious and, just in case, make a backup on an external drive, in case if you accidentally deleted the data you can recover it smoothly.

To create partitions in Windows 7 and Windows 8 have to go to "Control Panel> System and Security" and within Administrative Tools, click "Create and format hard disk partitions". Then, open Disk Management, Windows tool to create and edit partitions.

Through a list and a graph, Disk Management shows you the capacity of your disk or disks and free space available. Although you can perform various tasks, in this case we only want to create a new partition, next to the main one, to save our documents. For this we need to split the partition. Click your right mouse button on that partition and select "Shrink Volume". It will display a message indicating that you are checking how much space you can free.

The result you can see is a window indicating the current size of the partition, the space available and a field for you to indicate how much space you want to occupy the new partition. By working with free space, Windows does not erase existing data, only reduces the size of the main partition and create a new space that is empty.

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