How to: Qualify for Google Adsense Account

Always remember “Golden Rule is Golden Rule” for Google it considers in ALL SERVICES. People find "Google Search is always the best user experience" so Google concentrates to "look good" to the user, but still it is logically correct because the user will always spend to advertisers based on the quality they think is good. But nothing is crystal clear.

Google qualifies you and gives you your income based on your site performance. Mostly it takes in to account a better level of quality. Today I’ll share with you the points that are considered by Google for approving the adsense account.

  1. Most important thing is the relevance of your content regarding to the advertiser, i.e. the ad keywords should be selected according to your content. Since these will influence your income.
  2. The performance of the ad on your site vs. similar sites. That is the impact of the ad on your page, if your page does not have many clicks as on another because it would be due to less pay for that ad.
  3. The quality of your product. Again we see that Google pays you money if your site has good quality. QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY and MORE.

Adsense really used a bid or auction that combines what I've just explained in the last lines. The magic formula is:

Adsense Rank = Maximum Bid Level Ad quality X Quality Score (Quality Level).

That is the maximum cost is multiplied by clicking the Quality Level of ads from advertisers and as a result that's what the advertiser paid, it is important to know that the maximum cost does not mean to pay that amount, you can even pay less.

Analyzing the above formula Google charge the advertiser and calculate how much we need to be paid. Once I had a click that paid eight dollars, I wonder how much the advertiser paid. The actual cost of the click is calculated by dividing the Ad Rank of highest bid between the qualities of retail offer.

Bear in mind that this was an auction at that point to your site though auctions are dynamic and vary as advertisers can compete against each other. This was just demonstrative to realize as pay of Google. So the returns can vary.

Ad Placement: This is another factor to consider since adsense does not pay the same. Depend on the good position to place our ads. But if they appear on our site and are relevant and consistent with our content that auction was enough for the win that position announcement on our website. The best ads in my experience are the headers and the right side of the page in front of the monitor watching.

I hope these tips will be helpful along with the previously made post “How to make money with Google adsense” where I gave some very useful tips to be taken into account.

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