How To Reduce Ping For Online Gaming

Multiplayer mode is something which every gamer looks in the game; there's no doubt that online gaming has improved a lot over the years. To do online gaming, you need to have a good internet connection with good ping, In India, most of the internet service provider will give you very high ping. There's no way you can reduce your ping drastically, but there are few ways by which you can improve your ping or online gaming to some extent. There are thousands of guides and videos saying how to reduce ping, but most of them don't work because Ping is not something we can control over, It depends on many factors. Getting a high ping is not entirely the fault of your ISP, it also depends on your location and the distance between you and the server. So in order to improve your online gaming or to reduce ping, try the tips which I mentioned below.

Tips To Improve Ping

Tip 1: Make sure that there are no apps or downloads running in the background. People often keep apps running in the background which will affect the ping. Also turn off apps like junk cleaner, internet speed meters, battery savers etc, Such apps will only try to improve your system's battery and ram, but will drastically reduce the performance.

Tip 2: If you have a wifi connection in your house, then it possible that anyone in your house might be using services which consumes lot of bandwidth. The more devices connected to a single wifi, the higher ping will go. Try connecting the LAN wire directly to your PC/Laptop.

Tip 3: Try to play the game only on local servers, most of the games will connect you to the servers based on your location. Reduce the distance between you and the server by connecting to the nearest available server.

Tip 4: While playing games, turn off your anti-virus. Sometimes anti-virus may update automatically in the background without your knowledge. In such cases, you will face lag issues and performance issues. Turning off antivirus will help you to prevent this from happening, and also don't forget to turn it on when you're done with playing. :p

Tip 5: Reset your wifi router before starting the game, you may not see major improvement by doing this, but hardly it will take 2-3 minutes to do this. And move your router/modem to the area where there is proper ventilation.

Tip 6: Add your game to window's firewall allowed list: Every time it will take some time (maybe 1-2 milliseconds) when your system sends data to the server, or you receive the data from the server. Because your firewall is turned on and it will verify the data before allowing it to the system. You will see a slight improvement in the game by doing this.

Wrapping Up

Hope these tips will help you to reduce your ping and give you better gaming experience, don't forget to share it with your friends.

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