How to Repair your MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro is one of the biggest selling laptops which “just work” and users don’t need to spend a lot of time on updating drivers, dealing with troubleshooting issues, and trying to get rid of viruses. Sometimes things go wrong with the MacBook Pro as well; if the same thing had happened to you; you can easily diagnose it and get repair of it. Try this DYI guide before taking your MacBook pro to an Apple service center.

Repair disk with disk utility

  • Go the Settings option > Applications > Utilities or CMD+Space Disk Utility.
  • The select volume you need to run First Aid on.
  • Click on First aid and then press Run.
  • On the completion of the process; you will view a drop-down sheet showing status from where you can easily check where the actual problem is.
  • Just repair the Disk Utility in order to repair the errors.

Repair boot disk

  • Press cmd+R t start in the recovery mode of your MacBook Pro.
  • You will see utilities on your home screen once your Mac has been booted up.
  • Select Disk Utility and then select the disk you wanted to repair.
  • Click on the First Aid.
  • The repair process will take few minutes to get completed; just wait and then enjoy seamless working on it.

Fixing Mac is not shutting down: If your MacBook Pro is not shutting down it may be due to the opened apps in the background. So have patience and just follow the procedure given below:

  • Just view the Dock in order to get if there is any bouncing app icon.
  • If have any and needed to hold up for a long time; just Force Quit to get out of it.
  • If you are not able to Force Quit; just press and hold the power button for the time your MacBook Pro will get switches off.
  • One thing you need to keep in mind is that you will be asked to reopen all the apps you have work done earlier when you will restart your MacBook Pro.

Fixing Frozen Mac: If your MacBook has got frozen in the middle of the task or anyone of the app is not responding properly you are again advised to Force Quit it by clicking on its icon or you can also do it by pressing Command+alt+Escape altogether. One thing you need to clear bout is that you have the chances of losing some data when you are supposed to Force Quit your MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro is running slowly: If your MacBook Pro is running slowly; they don’t try to add a software program on your device claiming boosting up is speed. First of all, try to find out the problem and its root cause and then just follow the step by step given below:

  • Go to the Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor and then open it.
  • Just click on the five different tabs given in the list of options i.e. CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk, and Network one by one and check out which is really having a problem. If the option holds a green sign; it means all good and if it is red or amber; then repair it as soon as possible.

Still running issues with your Macbook? Find a local MacBook centre in your area and take it to them. Please note it is always advised to get your MacBook repaired by authorized MacBook repairing center than doing it yourself. If you are from Bangalore, consider going to iPremiumIndia. They are one of the best MacBook repairing service centers in Bangalore.

If you have more questions, do not forget to comment down below and we will try to answer them as quickly as possible.

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