How to setup wordpress blog that never goes down

How to setup WordPress Blog that never goes down!

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How to setup wordpress blog that never goes down

You know, wordpress is one of the most used content management system because of the features it provides to bloggers. Not only bloggers but you can make any type of blog using wordpress. Initially, the size of the wordpress is just about 7MBs, Fully powered on PHP and MySQL.

Many readdy big sites are powered by wordpress getting thousands of traffic daily. WordPress has thousands of free and paid themes that will give your site a unique look as well as it has thousands of plugins that will help you to add features to your wordpress.

But, if your site is going to be really good, you have to take care about the down time of the site too. If your site will be down most of the times, you will start losing traffic and finally money.

In this article, I am going to show you how to make wordpress that has least possibilities of being down. So, the first part will be to select the web hosting or VPS provider depending what do you want to purchase.

Selecting Host

If you will go for free or cheap hosting providers, you will get lots of down times because they give less bandwidth and their servers are also not good as standard host providers have.

So, Select the best host. You can either rank the server which is called as “VPS(Virtual private server)” in which you will get your own RAM, Storage and IP and also Bandwidth that no other can use.

If you want to go with VPS, I recommend these 3 companies.

  • DigitalOcean (use Coupon┬áDROPLET10 to get $10 bonus)
  • Interserver ( use This Interserver coupon code to get VPS at $0.01)
  • Linode (Use Coupon LINODE10 to get $10 bonus)

If you want to be your site up always and you don’t want to affect your site’s performance due to other’s site performance, you can go for VPS. If your site is not going to get much traffic and you are going to make a site in which traffic doesn’t matter, you must go for Shared web hosting.

Some best shared hosting providers are,

  • Siteground
  • Arivxe
  • Bluehost

I hope now You know the importance of web hosting in making a site. Now let us move to another factor…

Plugins and themes

WordPress has thousands of free and paid themes as well as plugins that you can use on your wordpress. Some paid Themes and plugins are also available for which and they are nulled. When you use nulled themes or plugins, you are using broken scripts that will lead your site to down time.

Your sites will get down. If you don’t want to purchase the theme or plugin which is paid, use the free wordpress themes and free wordpress plugins and there are thousands of free plugins and Themes that you can use. They are very high in quality as well as free.

One more thing, Never ever use the old plugins that are not updated since more than 2 years. It is because they have some loopholes by using which attackers can attack your site and hack it.

So, these are the points you need to remember if you want to make a site that never goes down. So, Remember this and be sure your sites never go down! Enjoy blogging!

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