How to start your own blog

So, you’re thinking of starting a blog? With the ease of modern technology, nearly anyone can start and maintain a blog. Sometimes, bloggers gain a considerable internet following in the process. But, before you can become internet famous, you have to get that blog up and running. Here’s how.

Pick your niche

Your blog should have a topic, preferably a focused and clearly defined one. Online blogs can be used as personal diaries, but that type of blog doesn’t gain as much traction as a topical one. People are more likely to read and return a blog about cooking on a budget than they are to read your weekly vent session.

Pick something that you are both knowledgeable and passionate about, something that you could talk about for hours. For many people, the topic is likely to be an ongoing hobby, such as gardening, auto repair, or reading. If possible, get even more specific with your topic to make your blog stand out from the crowd. You could blog about sustainable living through gardening, for example. Or you could blog about rebuilding vintage motorcycles. Both of these would hit on a niche group of people and get you more readers.

Set a Schedule

Decide now how often you’re going to post. Set your goal to something reasonable and achievable, such as once or twice a week, and decide what days you are going to publish a post each week. If it helps, tell friends and family about your posting schedule, and ask someone to keep you accountable to that goal.

Select Your Website Host

You can’t start building your blog until you’ve picked a website host. WordPress is one of the most common options for blogs, and there are a number of website hosts to choose from. Which is the best web hosting service depends somewhat on your needs — such as your expected daily internet traffic.

Promote on Social Media

Once you’ve set up your blog and published your first post, it’s time to promote on social media. If you already have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn account, use your existing web presence to get more readers to your new blog. This is usually as simple as posting on your social media that you’ve started a new blog, including a link to the blog, and asking your followers to check it out. Keep the post as short as possible, and write it in a style similar to your blog’s style. This will attract the type of people who are most interested in your blog, and therefore most likely to become regular readers.

Post Consistently

Now that your blog is getting some regular traffic, it’s critical to continue posting at the rate that you scheduled for yourself. Readers will check back regularly to find your new posts, but you’ll lose that traffic if you aren’t posting when you promised. If you feel you could spend more time on your blog, you may consider increasing your posts per week. But, decreasing post frequency or skipping weeks could easily result in lost readers. Keep the momentum rolling and your readership will only build!

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