How to Take Screenshot on HTC One

If you have been a smartphone user for quite some time, then I'm quite sure that you have gone from the situation when you wanted to take screenshot of any app or game, but you could not do because of not having knowledge of how to do so. Well, I don't know about any other OS, but in case of Android based devices, taking screenshot is quite simple. You can take screenshot via different ways. Talking about Android devices, HTC One is one that comes among the best and most selling smartphones. You might be having the same with you. If you are looking for the ways to take screenshot on HTC One, then this article is going to be very useful for you. I am here with the list of best ways to help you take screenshot on HTC One. Do check out the list ahead.

First Method

Like I said before, there are many ways to take screenshot on your HTC One. I am posting here the best ones only. Of course, you might be looking for the simplest possible way to take screenshot on HTC One. So, I am posting these methods in the increasing level of difficulty. In that pattern, the first one deals with Home and Power buttons. First, you need to press and hold the power button that lies at the top left of your HTC One. Don't release this button. Keeping the Power button pressed, press the Home button as well. This button lies at bottom right side of your HTC One's buttons. Doing this will take screenshot of whatever there is on screen at the moment of pressing these buttons. This screenshot will get saved in 'images' folder of your HTC One, which you can access whenever you want to.

Second Method

There may be some people out of you who did not like the above method. If you are among them, then consider opting for this method. In this method to take screenshot on HTC One, you need to press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same instant. Press them at the same time and keep them pressed for about 2 seconds at least. Once you hear the sound of pic-clicking, then it means that screenshot has been captured. Proceed to images folder of your HTC One to check out this newly taken screenshot.

Use Apps

In Android, solution of almost every problem can be found in apps. There are many apps to take screenshot on HTC One. Consider using the best one, the one that is simple to use and support maximum no. of image formats. You can find out the apps to take screenshot on HTC One, in the Google Play. Worried about which would be best for you? Simple search on Google can clear your worry in just a few seconds. Do it!

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