How to use Tez App? A step by step guide on how you can leverage the UPI app

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface and all the banks in India with a lot of help from the current government is pushing this initiate lately on the plus. There are lots of plus sides to this. First, UPI payments happen over IMPS which is immediate and the biggest perk of this is the payments can be transferred by knowing only an ID. Example: It just works like PayPal over email eliminating the need for knowing a lot of details such as Account number, IFSC code and other such which can be a hassle.

Now, Google has made their own UPI app for India named Tez which works on Android and iOS devices. Sorry, windows mobile users, you don’t exist. Android users should be running KitKat or above software version to install this app. There is BHIM app too which was made by the government to promote UPI payments few months ago. This app is having more features and looks cool too.

There is competition already for this app with other UPI based apps such as Flipkart’s PhonePe and BHIM from the government of India. Being a google made app, Tez will get the upper hand as the search giant is well versed in making great apps. But there should be something new to offer for the public and now that’s offers. Features such as integrating other google services and apps such as google now will be exciting. We have to wait and see whether google does it but right now it is focusing on gaining market share from already existing UPI apps.

Tez app currently supports seven Indian languages namely Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati and Bengali with more to come and we are really liking this initiative from google. Now, let us see how to install and use this app to ease your daily financial transactions.  

Steps to follow for transferring money using Google Tez app: 

  1. The first step is kind of obvious. Just hit on the app store or play store and search for “Tez”. Once it opens up, verify that it’s the original app made by Google. There are numerous fake apps especially in google play store. Make sure you are dealing with the real one.
  2. Once it opens up, hit the install app.
  3. It should take a few seconds to install this app depending on your network speed. After the installation, open the app.
  4. You will be greeted with a welcome window once it opens and you will be asked to select a language out of the aforementioned seven, whichever you are most comfortable with. Let’s say you choose English.
  5. Next, it will ask you for your Bank account registered Mobile number. Enter the number which is registered with your bank.
  6. Here comes the uniqueness of this app. As it is made by Google, it will ask you to link your google account. There are many perks to this. People can see your display pic and it will help in finding your friends and identifying them. Make sure you know the terms and conditions before hitting that ‘Continue’ button.
  7. The next screen will be to verify your mobile number. An OTP code will be send to your mobile number. If you have an android device, the OTP will be read automatically but if you happen to have an apple device, you have to enter the code manually for the verification to complete.
  8. The next screen will be security related and Google will ask you to select either a pattern lock or 4 number pin to add up the final touch before sending the money. It is highly confidential and should not be let out to anybody as it may lead to other people accessing and sending your info. The best bet is to go with a 4 number code as pattern lock tend to be hacked easily. Hit the continue button once you are done with this process.
  9. Now you are set to go. The installation of Google’s Tez app is completed and you are ready to use it. You can send amount using Bank account number and IFSC code or UPI if your bank supports it. Happy transferring and receiving money seamlessly.
  10. The final step is to link your Bank account number which is registered with your mobile number. Now enjoy all the perks of Google’s Tez app.

That’s it. These are the simple steps you need to follow to leverage the app and make hassle free transactions.

Offers Section: There’s also a nice offers section in the app which has got many introductory offers. For instance, you can invite your friends and earn 51 INR for the deed or pay anyone and get luck scratch cards up to INR 1 Lakh. This is a great way to kick start promotions for the as lucrative offers tend to attract majority of Indian smartphone users. Just make sure to benefit from these offers by promoting this app to your friend circle.

Conclusion: There you go. A step by step guide on how you can install the Tez app and make hassle free transactions. Now you can make payments anywhere with this app and the minimum transaction limit is 50 INR, which is pretty good. You can pay your milk man, your local grocery stores and many others using this app just by knowing their UPI address. Instant payments are the future and this is a great initiate by Google. Hope many others follow the suit.

This will greatly benefit the people of India, especially in the rural regions as everyone is having a smartphone these days. All you need is a smartphone and a bank account to get started. This can be a great threat to mobile payment wallet companies such as PayTM and freecharge if it clicks with the public. Anticipate many new features in the near future from Google. More about Tez app Click Here

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