How to Use WhatsApp on PC or Laptop-Free Download

WhatsApp is the best way of messaging on the mobile devices. This incredible app has brought a big downfall in the revenue of mobile telecoms, because now people use WhatsApp to send/receive messages, rather than the message service offered by their telecom. This app has become so popular in very short time that it can be found in the smartphone of every person. This app handles more than 10 billion messages per day, which speaks about the popularity of this app. If you have this app on your mobile, then you must be in love with the features that it offers, right?

Well, this app is available for mobile OS only. There are many people who always search for 'download WhatsApp on PC'. Many want to download WhatsApp on Laptop. You might also be one of those looking for WhatsApp application for PC laptop. If you are so, then you are on the right page. Here I will provide satisfactory answer to your queries like Download WhatsApp on PC, Download WhatsApp on Laptop. 'WhatsApp Application for PC Laptop'. Just do read out the article ahead.

What is WhatsApp ?

Before I provide answer to your search queries like Download WhatsApp on PC, 'Download WhatsApp on Laptop'. 'WhatsApp Application for PC Laptop'; I would like to introduce you with this app. I know that you already have knowledge about WhatsApp, but still, just as a piece of formality.

WhatsApp is the app with which you can send/receive messages to your friends. This is cross-platform app, and all you need to have is the mobile no. of person whom you want to contact. Of course, that person is required to have WhatsApp on his/her mobile. WhatsApp offers real-time messaging, photo sending etc. You can save your chat history whenever you want.

How to Use WhatsApp on PC or Laptop

This section will give answer to your queries that are Download WhatsApp on PC, 'Download WhatsApp on Laptop'. 'WhatsApp Application for PC Laptop'. Below are the steps to use WhatsAPP on PC or laptop.

  • The WhatsApp on PC is run by using a software named 'BlueStacks'. This is a popular emulator which enables you to run Android apps on PC. Download this emulator from here.
  • Download the WhatsApp app meant for Android devices. Head over to Google Play for this.
  • You can download the WhatsApp within BlueStacks as well. All thanks to the search feature provided by BlueStacks.
  • It does not matter which way you opt from above two, you have now WhatsApp on your PC. All you need to do is to open this Android file via BlueStacks.
  • The WhatsApp app will start running on your PC. Yeah, you will be able to enjoy all features what you do in WhatsApp on your mobile.

That's all. I hope you have got right answer for Download WhatsApp on PC', 'Download WhatsApp on Laptop'. 'WhatsApp Application for PC Laptop'.

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