HP Spectre X360 Notebook

HP Spectre X360 Overview, Specs and Price

HP Spectre X360 is a new standard Versatile notebook PC and multipurpose tablet built by HP as a new generation laptop is slim, flexible and peculiarly designed . It has all  new specifications and features that are not indulged in any other notebook. Here we have provided you with all the features and specifications of it.

HP Spectre X360 Specs

HP Spectre X360 is built for multipurpose use, as a notebook and as tablet, it is a touch device built on windows platform, it has windows 10 as the operating system. It is available in 2 different physical measures, the first one is of 15.6 inch and weighs about 4.1 lbs, the second one is of 13.3 inch and weighs about 3.2 lbs. It is named  as X360 as the screen can be rotated in 360 degrees, it is very slim, measures about 15.9 mm in thickness and it is a very sophisticated device. This notebook can be molded in to different angles for better view, it can be put on like a stand to view videos etc, it can be folded and used as a tablet for surfing web and playing games, it can also be used in PC mode for carrying out work, projects etc and it can also be kept in a canvas mode for sharing and giving presentations in a good view.

HP Spectre X360 Notebook

HP Spectre X360

It has a great battery life about 13 hrs and has 4GB/8GB/16 GB RAM, Intel 6th generation processors for multi tasking ( it used Intel core i5 | i7 processors ). It has full HD, quad HD and Ultra HD 4k display picture quality for high definition view. The audio output is given by Bang and Olufsen, it has 4 stereo | 2 stereo speakers for better audio quality. It has all new Intel Iris and Intel HD graphics for high  definition gaming and video experiencing. This device is provided with a HP active pen that can be used as touch pen, mark the important points etc.

HP Spectre X360 Overview

Key Features

Display 15.6 inch | 13.6 inch
Operating System Windows 10
RAM 4GB / 8GB / 16GB
Processor Intel 6th gen i5 | i7
Hard disk 128 GB/ 256 GB /512 Gb / 1TB
Graphics Intel Iris | Intel HD
Battery 13 hrs
Thickness 15.9 mm
Audio Bang & Olufsen

HP Spectre X360 Price

It has all the exceptional features and said to take on Mac Book air, it costs about 1,30,990 INR and it may vary with specs and configuration.

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