HTC PC Suite Free Download for Windows and Mac

HTC PC Suite Free Download for Windows and Mac-If you are the one of the million fans who is using HTC then here we got a very right tool for you to synchronize your data or stuff with your Personal Computer. Today I am going to introduce the HTC Sync Manager or HTC PC Suite. As we all know HTC is one of the flagship smartphone company which having a very big share in the market. With unveiling new smartphones day by day, company continuously is spreading its market globally. Whether you are looking for a small budget phone or a phone in higher category, you will get plenty of options available from HTC in India, varies with specifications and features.

Basically PC suite or Sync Manager is a tool which helps to synchronize all the data of your phone to the computer or vice versa. You can easily manage your contacts, calendars, messages and media. Even sync manager helps to make backup of your data and accessing of internet on computer using your phone. So, the HTC PC suite is all you need if you have a HTC device in your hand as it helps to keep the sync and manage all your stuffs between your mobile and Windows PC and MAC.

In this article we will check out some features of HTC Sync Manager and How you can easily download and install it in your PC.

Features of HTC PC Suite or Sync Manager

Before start installing or downloading anything we always look out for the features and utilities of the software. Same in the case of HTC PC Suite, there are lot of benefits of using HTC Sync Manager, before hitting the downloading button let’s check out what are the features you get with this HTC Sync Manager.

  • The tool is very perfect in its work as the name suggest this HTC Sync Manager beautifully manage all your data and important information in a very easy and effective way.
  • You only need to connect the device using USB plugging cable, and the SYNC manager automatically will start its work. So, you don’t need to do anything to setup connectivity between your devices.
  • Just in couple of seconds you will see that you’re all stuff whether it’s your music, videos or photos are synched automatically. You can easily transfer your media files from one device to another.
  • You can even transfer your iTune Playlist from one device to another.
  • Get your text messages, contacts, and file stored on your smartphone to you Personal Computer, it ensures that you never lose your personal data.
  • The tool is blessed with a very important feature, backing up of data. Just make some simple clicks on backup options and your desired data will automatically get saved in the form of backup. Even the tool asks whether you want to keep this file either in your device or anywhere on the cloud storage. So, it’s make sure that you never lose any of your data.

So, after reading all these points it must be clear that this tool is very essential for your HTC. Now the next step is How to Download HTC PC Suite or Sync Manager. Let’s check out in further section.

HTC Sync Manager or HTC PC Suite Free Download for Windows and MAC

Whether you are using a Windows based PC or MAC book, its very easy to download and install this smart tool. You can simply download and install it just like other software so the installation is almost pain free and works instantly. You just need to make double click on executable file and soon your smartphone will get synchronized with your personal computer.

  • To make the download start click on the link given below:
  • Download HTC Sync Manager for Windows & Mac
  • After downloading the file, click on the installation file.
  • Accept the agreement and choose your device.
  • Connect your device using USB cable and choose the USB connectivity mode via PC Suite.
  • HTC PC Suite will automatically detect your device and sync all data.
  • Now it’s all done, you can start explore the next you want.
  • Intel or AMD Processor supports 2GHz or more.
  • Minimum 2GB RAM or higher.
  • Minimum 512MB Hard Disk space required.
  • Screen resolution- 1024×768 or more.
  • Supported OS- Windows XP, Vista, 7,8, MAC.

 System Requirements

So, it’s all about the HTC Sync Manager and how HTC Sync Manager can be used to manage all your phone stuff. Hopefully, information regarding features of tool, installation and downloading process and system requirements will help you in the best way. Also you can download the HTC PC Suite Free Download for Windows and Mac or HTC Sync Manager by using following link:

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