Instagram Login With Facebook | What is Instagram all about?

Instagram is a smartphone app for Apple and Android, which uses a certain digital layer called the photo filters. These filters, when added to photos, give them a touch of professional photo editing. The app bags over 50 million downloads whilst only living on Apple and Android devices. Co-founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010, this app is a simple to use, straightforward social networking app. Being acquired by Facebook, the Instagram experience has a lot more in store. Today we have come up with How to Login Instagram Account then check Instagram Login With Facebook Account Online Process below.

Introducing Instagram Online

While Instagram was only designed for smartphone platforms like Android and iOS, the app also has a widely used webpage for easy access to posts and news feeds. But rather sadly, the developers are not keen on expanding the web portal to its full capacity. The website is limited to only viewing uploads, whether photos or videos, interacting on the posts and exploring new people to follow. The newest update on the website is that the users can now upload photos directly from the internet browser, without using the app.

How can photos be posted on Instagram online with the help of web browsers?

Uploading images that are stored somewhere on the PC or Mac, can be done without transferring the images to a phone, owing to Instagrams latest update of its website.

It is also possible to upload photos using mobile browsers, making Instagram more approachable to ts users. This removes relying on expensive mobile phones and app downloads, especially in countries where mobile data is expensive.

However, a lot of important features are still being neglected from Instagram’s mobile browser interface, such as uploading stories, live videos, applying filters and many more which are very popular on the smartphone interface.

Instagram is yet to embrace the photo uploading feature completely from a desktop browser, as it is only available through mobile browsers till now, which supports image uploading currently. Photos cannot be uploaded through web browsers on Instagram without using certain extensions.

Using Google Chrome:

Instagram does not support a ‘’ for the mobile version of the website, hence uploading photos needs, jumping through certain hoops. Doing this is easier for users also using Google Chrome as a web browser as it supports a default device mode. The trick is to press Ctrl+Shift+I for bringing up the Chrome developer window and then press Ctrl+Shift+M to toggle to the mobile version of the web page. The page may need resizing to be able to view the web page clearly. Ctrl+Shift+I can again be pressed to toggle back to the desktop website. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+I once more, turns off developer mode and device mode altogether for the Chrome browser.

Using Other Browsers

With other browsers such as Opera, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft, the agent settings need to be changed manually.  The browser sends an agent string for each webpage request which identifies the type of operating system and browser that are used, so as to alter the webpage for the best experience in these browsers. This change of settings may trick Instagram as connecting from a mobile browser. This, resends the mobile version of Instagram on the browser being used with the complete feature of uploading images.

Other Methods

A User-Agent Switcher can also be used for chrome, which allows changes in the user-agent settings. This feature is also available with the FireFox browser.

What about Instagram Login?

Since all the features discussed above are mere extensions and alterations of the web browsers, the login method remains the same as on Instagram website. With appropriate Username and Password, the profile can be accessed.

Final Verdict:

Though web pros stumble upon developing new ways to move around the unavailable app features for Instagram on the web, there are still many features which go untouched and require the users to necessarily use Instagram through their mobile devices.

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