JIO USSD codes To Check JIO Data, offers & Balance

Introduction to JIO:

Before May 2016, no body is aware of the word JIO. But today most of us are using JIO SIM and this reached to every corner of our country. Technology became advancing day by day and people started looking for best source to meet the needs of technology. In this situation Mukesh Ambani announced the Reliance JIO SIM with most exciting offers. This was a shock to many people and this became a challenge to other networks. Reliance JIO SIM gave tough competition to all other networks by providing its most exciting offers. JIO stood as a challenge in Telecom industry. The great Mukesh Ambani thoughts are appreciable in launching JIO in our country. There is a hidden secret in JIO logo. If we observe JIO logo clearly we can find that it was the mirror image of OIL. Mukesh Ambani made India as a source for highest quality, lowest price Telecom industry market in the world. The main reasons for launching JIO in our country are:

  • India is a country with more than 1.2 billion population
  • More than 60% of the above population are youth and are easily attracted towards technology.
  • When compared to other countries, India is running towards development mainly in technology and communication field.
  • Reliance is well known old network and JIO was launched to reach most of the customers.
  • We have many other costly networks and JIO launched with exciting free offers and low cost offers.
  • Including all taxes and charges now a days network charges have been increasing immensely. To cross this issue JIO launched with free 3 months package in the beginning.

Initially JIO SIM provided free offers to attract network users. Also provided JIO SIM with no cost. Recently Mukesh Ambani aslo announced about their most featured phone. Jio phone launched with 4G network and to make unlimited calls. This is the only phone that supports the VoLTE technology with low cost. We can usually find these features on costly phones nd not found on normal basic phones. Jio phone looks like normal featured phone but it is manufactured with most advanced fetures. The main aim of the company is to stand top in tele communications and network industry. To meet this aim they initially came up with JIO SIM and JIO phone.  Jio phone is not only launched with low cost, it also featured with advanced apps like JioCinema, JioTV, JioMusic and many.

With in no time JIO reached to each and every corner place of our country. Mukesh Ambani proved himself after launching JIO SIM and stood top place and marked as smartest business man in India. Although Reliance Jio was launched in September, the company's offering has been restricted to 4G only network with unlimited talk time. Later Jio phone was launched which supports 4G VoLTE technology and with many other unique features. The JIO phone is manufactured with inbuilt apps like JIO movies, JIO games, JIO mapping. There is a lot of change after JIO SIM release into the market. Offers and telecom price of other networks were like before and after JIO in the market. We have to accept that Reliance has reached its target in very less time. The main intension this article is to provide USSD codes for JIO network. As it is a new network most of the people are not aware of USSD codes and hence providing below.


USSD codes which are commonly known as ‘Quick codes’ or ‘Access codes’ is basically available for all the networks. We have unique USSD codes for different networks. USSD codes are detailed known as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes and are used for enquiry purpose. We may have to check plans once started using JIO services. JIO network is coming up with many offers in competition with other mobile networks. Currently JIO has plans starting from Rs. 149 to Rs. 4,999 with a validity time of 28 days. There is a need of checking balance or validity details and for this we require some main USSD codes to check Main Balance, Data Balance, Validity, Tariff Plan, Special offers etc. Now a days most of the other mobile networks are with 3G networks and Reliance 3G also offers you good coverage plans with best of tariff plans and instant message delivery facility. To overcome this, Reliance has launched 4G SIM with more new fast quality upgraded features as compared to old Reliance 3G network. Reliance 4G SIM is providing the fastest internet speed with very minimum cost.

Once you start using any mobile network we need to know about the services and plans provided by that network. For any mobile network USSD codes has its own importance in enquiry perspective. USSD codes are commonly known as featured codes which are used to get to know about the features and plans. We generally use USSD codes for easy enquiry purpose. Instead of calling customer case service and enquire we can use USSD codes for easy and quick response. We have unique USSD codes for different purposes. Here providing the list of basic USSD codes for JIO. The most commonly used USSD codes are to check main call balance and internet balance. But only these two we have many USSD codes to check plans, validity details without reaching to customer case which takes some time when compared with USSD codes.

List Of JIO USSD Codes:

  • Code to check JIO main talk time balance:                            *367# or *333*1*1*1#
  • Code to check SMS balance:                       *367*2#
  • Code to check 4G internet balance:                         *333*1*3*#
  • Code to check  Latest call balance:                            *333*1*2*1#
  • Code to check VAS balance:                        *333*1*4*1#
  • Code for activating Missed call alert:       *333*3*2*1#
  • Code for deactivating Missed call alert:  *333*3*2*2#
  • Code for activating caller tunes:                                *333*3*1*1#
  • Code for deactivating caller tunes:           *333*3*1*2#
  • Code for checking special discounts:       *789#
  • Code for recharge using scratch card:     *368# or *305*
  • Code for activating 4G service:   Call 1925 or SMS 4G to 1925
  • Code to check our tariff plans:   SMS MY PLAN to 199
  • Code for checking data usage:   SMS MBAL to 55333

All the above USSD codes are specially designed for enquiry purpose. We can also call to customer call service and enquire our needs. This may take time as customer service is available directly and should reach to all at any time. If the user is a prepaid customer SMS BAL to 199 to check balance or validity details. If the user is a postpaid customer SMS BILL to 199 to check bill amount. It is encouraging to use above USSD codes instead of customer care service. Using these USSD codes we can clarify our doubts with in seconds and can also follow new plans provided by the network. In this advanced society plans will be changing continuously and we have to follow these day by day. USSD codes are best options for getting know about these offers and plans.

JIO offers loan facility. Here providing some basic steps to process loan for a JIO user. The main restriction for acquiring loan is the customer must use the JIO SIM for more than 90 days. Main balance must be ZERO or less than Rs. 5 to get achieve this loan facility.

List Of JIO Customer Care Numbers:

Reliance JIO is providing some toll free customer care numbers for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Toll Free Customer care Number:             1860-893-3333

The above toll free number is accessible from any mobile operator or Landline service. It is common for all states and applicable from every corner of our country.

Toll Free helpline number:           1800-889-9333

The above number is feasible for knowing all offers and plans regarding prepaid and postpaid users. We may have chance of getting some special offers to some specified users only. These plans we can check using above Toll Free number.

Toll Free number for online shopping:    1800-893-3399

Reliance JIO network is providing the most exciting service regarding online shopping. Online shopping service is not provided by any other mobile network. This is exclusively provided to JIO network users. The above service Toll Free number is available only from 9AM to 9PM. JIO users will not be charged in using this online shopping enquiry number.

Customer service number regarding complaints:                               198

We can also register a complaint relating to network issues or plan issues using above number. This is accessible only from JIO network and can register any kind of complaint. Action will be taken with in 24 hours after your complaint.

Customer helpline number:        199

JIO has provided general helpline number to check all issues related to network and customer service. We can use this helpline number for all service related problems. Along with Toll Free number we can also use above number.

Customer Service number exclusively for Data charges:                 1800-890-1977

Customer toll free number may be busy sometimes and can not be feasible all the time. In such cases, JIO has provided an exclusive service for checking data enquiry separately. All packages, offers can be known and enquired using the above customer service number. These customer care numbers are with respect to state also. As JIO service is spreading intensively to each and every corner place of the country, their main aim is to provide service in the same way. To meet this need JIP has provided many customer service numbers and USSD codes separately with respect to usage.

Along with toll free numbers and customer numbers we also have mailing facility. This is more feasible and we can expect response in less than 24 hours. Some of the most commonly useful customer mailing addresses are listed below for reference.

Common customer care ID:

e-mail ID for online shopping:

e-mail ID to report complaints or issues:          

Other JIO Service USSD Codes:

JIO has offered many other USSD codes for different purposes depending on our requirement. Below are some most commonly used requirements by all mobile network users.

  • To find SIM Mobile Number or SIM Number
  • To check remaining balance of our prepaid SIM
  • To check bill amount of postpaid SIM
  • To enquire remaining 4G/3G/2G data balance
  • To check SMS balance
  • To get to know about remaining Local & STD calling minutes
  • To get new plans and offers that are exclusively offered to our SIM
  • Claiming complaints or requests

All the above USSD codes are specially provided to JIO network users.

Conclusion ABOUT JIO USSD Codes

Reliance JIO network is the fastest and cheapest network in Indian market as of now. JIO mobile network is giving tough competition to all other mobile networks. Now a days JIO has launched JIO phone with most advanced features and with low cost. This has not reached to everyone as of now and we can expect the same response as for JIO SIM. In the beginning users faced issues with customer service as users are more, new mobile service and release with more exciting offers. To overcome this problem JIO has made different customer services for different issues to avoid confusion. This has been provided with multiple USSD codes especially to overcome the problems related to customers. Reliance tele communication is already a huge global industry and now came up with the exciting plan of launching Reliance Jio. To attract network users, jio has provided free 4G service and free unlimited talk time for 3 months. Before using any mobile network we have to basically get to know about USSD codes and different customer care service numbers.

JIO is the first telecom company that has provided many USSD codes which are commonly known as featured codes. In recent survey it is clear that in short time JIO users have been increased drastically. We also have USSD codes for all mobile networks and it is not restricted to only JIO. Instead of using USSD codes we can also directly check whatever required from My JIO App. We just have to download the app in our gadget. My JIO App can be downloaded in any 4G android device and can be used directly. From this app we can clear all queries related to balances enquiry, offers, complaints, requests and recharges. The user has to create an account in My JIO app.

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