Kodi Apk for Android Download to Watch Movies & TV Shows

Kodi can be termed as an open source media platform compatible to run on Android devices. Through this, users can play songs, videos, and access image via an easy interface. Other than being compatible with Android device, it can also be run on other operating systems. This is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of this media platform. It is convenient to use this and provides different options for accessing music player, video player, accessing weather report, and using the image viewer. However, when using Kodi, it brings in a lot of pop-ups through which you can download videos from different sites. So, it is the perfect one to access songs, videos, and images using this colorful yet simple designed interface. Therefore, it is right to consider Kodi as the best entertainment package that comes compiled with plenty of digital media options under one simple interface.

How to Use Different Settings in Kodi?

Kodi is a customizable media streaming app with the advanced settings menu. Read  the following information to know how to access it.

Player - This option helps control how the player should work. Plenty of settings options are available such as skin delay, default languages, display options, and others.

Media - This helps control how Kodi should handle media. The media files are stored on a local device. You can also control how to select files from the local storage place.

PVR and Live TV - For watching live TV or recording, this is a suitable option. There is an exception of this option as this is not available on Android tablet or smartphone.

Service - Application control, web server, AirPlay, and weather control service is handled through this option.

Profile - Through setting up your profile, you can control logging in to your Kodi profile.

System - Through this section, you can have control options like audio output, input methods, internet access, add-ons, and power saving options.

Interface - Kodi has a user-friendly interface from where you can access various options

Log - Under this log, you can get an overview of activities that you have done in the application. Here, you also get the option to delete any activity if you want to.

System info - To know about the details of system configuration, this is a suitable place. It helps you know about storage, used storage, avail storage, display, network connections, hardware configuration, and others.


Highlighting features of Kodi

  • It is an open source, and it is free to use this media platform
  • Users can run most video formats through this
  • It has an easy to use and simple user interface
  • It offers easy and regular software updates
  • It offers a huge library of add-ons
  • By using Add-ons, skins, and builds, App customization is possible via Kodi

Even though this platform offers plenty of pros, it requires a powerful internet connection in order to stream TV shows, music, videos, and others. The internet connection should be available for a long time so that users can have easy access to different media programs on this platform.

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How to use Kodi on Android devices?

  • If users wish to watch any film or choose from other media options available on Kodi, they have to choose ‘System’ option from its menu.
  • Following this, users have to choose ‘File Manager’ option.
  • Now, they have to choose ‘Add source’ option and then add the required file that they wish to run.

How to Download Kodi Apk for Android?

It is simple to install Kodi App on Android devices. Make sure that you follow the right steps to accomplish the APK file installation easily. The following installation can be done on tablets, phones, and other Android running devices. Read on to know about how to install Kodi from its APK file. This is termed as ‘sideloading.’

  • First, from the settings option in the Android device, users have to click on security option.
  • Under this option, they have to put the toggle for ‘unknown sources’ option. This will help in easy installation of Kodi from Google Store.
  • After this, users have to load the http://kodi.tv/download/ site with the help of a browser. Users might get a warning notification asking to use the right browser that is suitable to run the download. Users have to click on the ‘OK' option.
  • After this, users should wait for Kodi APK file to start the download process.
  • Following this easy download process, the installation process is also easy as users just have to open the downloaded the file. For this, users can get the file either from the download menu in a web browser or opening the file using file explorer.
  • After users select the Kodi APK file, they will be asked to choose the application through which they wish to open the APK file. It can be either Google Play or Package Installer or something of the kind.
  • Following this, users will get another confirmation screen asking them to click on the ‘install'' option that shows up.
  • Now, users have to wait for the installation to get over.

However, when running the installer file for the first time, it might require some extra time than usual. After the completion of the installation process, users can run Kodi easily and even faster than before.

Update Kodi on Android Devices:

For updating Kodi on Android device, users have to follow simple steps but with the new version of the APK file available. Users should be careful about taking a backup of the user's folder as it might prevent any loss of file while running the update of Kodi. So, it is advised to use the latest version of the application. It shall help in easy access to the application and helps in the fast running of the same.

Wrapping it up

So, when plenty of benefits to offer, it is recommended that when using Kodi, users should try to use any VPN converter for streaming any add-ons. It shall protect your online access and hide your IP address from getting hacked or any other problems. With an encrypted VPN connection, users can use up to 5 devices easily.

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